Guido Gobino signed Valentine’s Day for Armani Dolci

Precious touch: the Armani / Dolci logo in shiny gold, embossed on the metal or hot stamped on the boxes.

The Female Divine by Judy Chicago

Judy Chicago invites us to reconsider the roles and power relationships that determine, through the lens of gender, the way…

Prada open 2020 with Prada Mode Paris

Members experience unique, site-specific artworks; join nightly parties featuring exhilarating performances and live music.

5 best Restaurant where toast first to the new year

If you are a real party girl with a penchant for New Year's Eve, you cannot miss our selection

Fondation d’entreprise Hermès – MANUFACTO – 2019-2020

The Fondation d’entreprise Hermès intends to expand the chance to become acquainted with artisan know-how to future generation across France.

5 Dream Spa where to spend the Christmas holidays

The best spas where you can find peace and wellbeing

Fondazione Prada | 2020 projects in Milan and Venice

Fondazione Prada announces the key projects of 2020 for the Milan and Venice offices:

Nuova Renault ZOE, Emotions on the road

Viaggiare per ritornare, rilassarsi, con le luci della città all’orizzonte, guidando senza più freni in perfetta armonia con la nuova…

Marchesi1824’s Christmas Express travels full of Christmas delicacies

For the season, in addition to the classic Panettone Marchesi 1824 enriches its offer with two novelties: the Panettone with…

Amici per il Centrafrica Carla Maria Pagani Onlus

Nel 2001 decidemmo di dar vita all’Associazione Amici per il Centrafrica Onlus. Ciò che è nato con suor Beniamina ed…