From Consumers to Creators: How OOAK is Redefining Fashion Design

With a commitment to sustainability and artisanal quality, OOAK is set to redefine the future of fashion.

He was my father: in dialogue with Maria Kublin

A friendship that has also become an elective affinity between Tom Kublin, father of high fashion photography, and Cristóbal Balenciaga,…

Interview with designer Lily Clempson

Lily (26) and Michel (89) make a formidable pair. Together they cut, design, sew, source, chat, create

Interview with designer Roshanak Payrovi

Her collection draws inspiration from Persepolis and the splendid Safavids and Qajar Royal dynasties of the 17th and 19th centuries...

Interview with Jewelry Design Sebastián Plah

A unique creative process where movement is translated and contextualized in shapes, colors, and various elements of my beloved Cartagena…

Interview with Jeong-Eun Lee, Ceo CHEYUL

Cheyul’s foundation started with a deep reverence and commitment to preserving our fading history and culture in 1988.

Interview with designer Tissa Fontaneda

Tissa Fontaneda collection consists of exquisitely designed handbags, necklaces, belts and cuffs, recognizable for their standard of excellence, not their…

Interview with designer Marta Oriani

Quality, excellence and a touch of tradition inform each signature collection - all done alla Milanese -with a subtle nod…

Interview with designer Nadine Merabi

Faced with a market saturated with replica designs, poor fit and quality along with overpriced dresses, Nadine set about changing…

Interview with designer Marre Muijs

ESSEN encourages people to buy less, choose better and wear longer. That’s where the name comes from – essentials.