Interview with designer Roshanak Payrovi

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Interview with designer Roshanak Payrovi

Her collection draws inspiration from Persepolis and the splendid Safavids and Qajar Royal dynasties of the 17th and 19th centuries...

Interview with designer Roshanak Payrovi

Roshanak Payrovi, a Persian talent with a challenging background. Roshanak, compelled to leave Iran in pursuit of better opportunities, found solace and mentorship during the Arezzo Master in June 2022, under the guidance of art historian Paolo Torriti and the support of Jewlery designer Alessio Boschi. Her fascination with the intricate Micromosaic technique led her to become an emerging talent under the mentorship of Maestro Roberto Grieco, a distinguished Roman artist with over 30 years of experience. Despite facing adversities, Roshanak successfully graduated in September 2022, merging Italian Micromosaic with her Persian heritage. Her collection draws inspiration from Persepolis and the splendid Safavids and Qajar Royal dynasties of the 17th and 19th centuries…

Your jewels convey a strong passion for the thousand-year history of your country. Where does this peculiar attitude come from despite your young age?
In general I am so into history and especially about the history of my home country. I believe There are many things we still might be able to learn from this knowledge. Persia has got a long history and I love to study about different artforms and I do try to convey this into my jewelry.

The symbolic aspect has always been linked to the world of jewellery. How do you select your icons?
The historical icons I chose for my jewelry find it’s historic place in different epochs. In the moment I can feel something upon seeing an icon, I form a bond with the icon itself and through designing I am developing a conversation with it which might lead into a final design for jewelry.

The collar brooch is the piece that most impressed us in your collection. How would you explain the versatility and relevance of this jewel?
Why I chose The collar broche is that it was used a lot in the past and nowadays you barely see people wearing it. I wanted to bring this type of jewelry back into existence. About the this particular broche: it’s name is Above the Qajar clouds. You can see three main elements. The sun, clouds and two women: Beyond being a mere accessory, this collar is a narrative of empowerment. The upward motion signifies liberation from the clouds that initially concealed women, a metaphorical act of breaking free from tradition and unveiling their allure. Crafted with profound respect for history, this collar is more than jewellery; it’s a symbol of rising above, celebrating the beauty that emerges from the rich tapestry of our beloved country’s cultural history.

What type of woman are your jewelry created for?
My design doesn’t not belong to women only, it’s a unisex object for who likes to carry a part of history of my beautiful country, carry the power of women and the power of the lion.

The use of micromosaic in your jewelery presupposes a great knowledge of artisanal manufacturing methods. Do you believe it is important to safeguard the value of savoir faire over time?
Absolutely yes! Still I am working to know more and more about this technique and unfortunately there are just a few people in this world which mastered this work. So I do try to use this technique for my jewelry and I am honored to learn this technique from Roberto Grieco – learning the evolution of the Roman micro mosaic technique and I am working on its valorisation in the context of contemporary art.

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Interview with designer Roshanak Payrovi

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