The n°1 de CHANEL Rich Revitalizing Cream

For the very first time, CHANEL Research has developed an anti-aging skincare product enriched with camellia ceramides, produced through a…

Let’s start the year off right

Here are the beauty treatments to start 2023 in great shape

CHANEL | Christmas tree signed N°5

For the holidays, CHANEL lights up Piazza Cordusio in Milan with a Christmas tree signed N°5

BLEU DE CHANEL Three compositions for a fragrance that RADIATES freedom

Breaking with tradition, daring to step off the beaten path, exploring new territories: this is the essence of a CHANEL…

For Christmas, give a beauty elixir!

Precious beauty elixirs to prepare you to shine like never before during the Christmas Holidays!

CHANEL Holiday Collection

Ask for the Moon. Leave your mark on it. And celebrate the holidays in a swirl of stars.

CELINE | Eau de Californie

The memory of Palo Santo, that magical essence of wood, with fresh, smoky and creamy facets.

MISS DIOR “Millefiori Boutique”

This bold and fundamental exchange is now joyfully reinterpreted in an unprecedented “Millefiori Boutique” that celebrates the eternal codes of…

Les accords de CHANEL: Set the tone!

An unprecedented collection that offers a flawless tone-on-tone look while also catering to those who desire bolder, more sophisticated makeup.


From December 15, 2022 to January 9, 2023, Chanel will celebrate its fragrances in a festive and olfactory whirlwind, with…