CHANEL | Two new olfactory moments

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CHANEL | Two new olfactory moments

In 2024, CHANEL presents two new olfactory moments with the launch of LES DÉS DE CHANCE EAU FRAÎCHE and two new formats of the floral-sparkling fragrance CHANCE EAU FRAICHE Eau de Parfum. Authentic talismans to carry always with you to evoke the chance at any time of the day.


A set of four dice-shaped gentle hand and body soaps, scented with the floral-sparkling notes of the CHANCE EAU FRAÎCHE fragrance. Engraved with CHANCE-themed symbols, they leave the skin lightly scented and add a playful touch to your daily routine. Perfect for gifting. Limited edition.

LES DÉS DE CHANCE EAU FRAÎCHE are designed for the hands and body. They can be used together with the Eau de Parfum, the Sheer Moisture Mist and the Hair Mist for a subtly accentuated scent trail. A unique fragrance that enhances the citrus accents of the cedar note to illuminate the heart of jasmine and gradually wrap the skin in the elegance of a vibrant woody note.



A floral-sparkling fragrance in a round bottle that arrives with a bang. Spontaneous and gleeful… It excites you. It has an intoxicating effect on you, pulling you into a whirlwind. Chance is a brazen success, youthful, like a nod to fate. Chance is meant to be seized, like a joy-scented talisman.

“A chance came up, I seized it.” Mademoiselle Chanel knew that her real chance was one of her own creation, a state of mind, a way of being.

The eau de toilette comes in a spray format for a more generous use, with an effortless application on skin or inside clothing. A chance to seize, the chance that encloses every possibility in the two new formats of the floral-sparkling fragrance CHANCE EAU FRAÎCHE Eau de Parfum (35 ml and 150 ml).

To revive the notes of the fragrance throughout the day, the “TWIST AND SPRAY” comes in a practical travel size which you can slip into your purse and take with you anywhere.

A complete perfuming ritual for the bath and body is also available to enhance the fragrance trail.

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