BURBERRY LANDSCAPES: the focus on the planet

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BURBERRY LANDSCAPES: the focus on the planet

Over 160 years ago, founder Thomas Burberry re-evaluated the potential of the great outdoors, equipping explorers to venture into new and unknown places.

Focusing on its passion for nature that is part of Burberry’s DNA, the brand presents Burberry Landscapes, a series of larger-than-life earth works created in collaboration with its creative community. The aim is to integrate open spaces with original works made with natural materials, while demonstrating its ongoing commitment to pursuing sustainable practices.

These works evoke stories of the past aimed at informing the present through the tales of adventurer Elsie Burberry – daughter-in-law of founder Thomas Burberry – and pioneer aviator Betty Kirby-Green, who respectively undertook journeys from Great Britain to the Canary Islands and to South Africa , where for this reason these new works inspired by the iconic Burberry Check have been created.

El Hierro, Canary Islands – Elsie Burberry
Inspired by adventurer Elsie Burberry’s travels to the Canary Islands, the volcanic soil of the island of El Hierro serves as a natural canvas for the Burberry Check. Cuban-American contemporary artist, Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada, has revisited the natural space, recreating the iconic Burberry check with natural milk-based paint.


“One of the things I like about using this paint process is that it’s created from minerals. You create an alchemy just by mixing your own colors. it has a certain density and coverage. Everything takes shape before your eyes; this allows you to immerse yourself in the process” – Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada.

This vast natural illustration has been carefully washed away with hand turning, wind and local water sources to leave no lasting mark on the landscape. The entire process has been approved and monitored by the official Environmental Department of El Hierro.


Western Cape, South Africa – Betty Kirby-Green
The Burberry Check lawn was created in the Overberg region of South Africa’s Western Cape, where record-breaking co-pilots Betty Kirby-Green and Flying Officer Arthur Clouston landed the Burberry aircraft in Cape Town. The display was created by local experts with plants in the iconic colors of the Burberry Check.

The lawn has been cultivated and maintained using rainwater from a collection dam. To ensure that the grazing meadow was restored to its original state, the plants were turned over and then naturally decomposed and composted back into the earth.

Together, these landscapes embody Burberry’s belief that creativity creates new spaces. A body of work that celebrates Burberry’s DNA and encourages people to consider the possibilities offered by the world around them.


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