Louis Vuitton unveils the new Objets Nomades

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Louis Vuitton unveils the new Objets Nomades

Sharing a sense of intuition, desire and pleasure, Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades represents the evolution of the traditional creation of objects inspired by travel, through new and contemporary visions.

First presented in 2012, Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades is an ever-expanding collection of travel-inspired collectible furniture, reinterpretations of the Maison’s essential spirit, travel. The collection combines the exceptional savoir-faire of Louis Vuitton and the design skills of internationally renowned designers in the creation of shapes, materials and elements

The nine cushions of the elegant Petal Chair by Marcel Wanders are upholstered in soft cream-colored Louis Vuitton hand-stitched leather and are reminiscent of a bud in bloom. The session embraces the body, creating the sensation of resting inside a flower. This functional and long-lasting Objet Nomade echoes the codes dear to the Maison, giving life to the iconic four-pointed flower of the Monogram Louis Vuitton. The aluminum structure of the base is inspired by a stem and features slim and slender legs to create the feeling of a delicate spring garden.

The Aguacate by the Campana Brothers is a constellation of brightly colored suns, which radiate precious hand-crafted Louis Vuitton leather strips. Available in a limited edition of only 30 pieces, each work of art is made up of 9 elements reminiscent of avocados of different sizes in 8 combinations of bright colors. Aguacate gives a bright and fun touch to the walls and can also be used in the free standing version as a screen, like butterflies colors that rise to the sky.

Evocative of the sweet swirls of meringues, the Merengue pouf, the Objet Nomade seat similar to a tropical flower by the Campana brothers is composed of elegant petals in soft Louis Vuitton leather and a soft wool lining. Together they create the illusion of a spiral movement punctuated by the brass stud in the center decorated with the Louis Vuitton signature.


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