Acqua Di Parma meets Poltrona Frau for the first Home Diffuser


Acqua Di Parma meets Poltrona Frau for the first Home Diffuser

Two historical realities, icons of Made in Italy and projected into the contemporary world, collaborate for the first time to create an original project,

Acqua di Parma, together with Poltrona Frau, presents the first Smart Home Diffuser for environments that combines design and home automation technology in an innovative way.

Two historical realities, icons of Made in Italy and projected into the contemporary world, collaborate for the first time to create an original project, entrusting it to GamFratesi, an award-winning designer duo. An avant-garde object that brings an intense and engaging multisensory experience into the contemporary home.

With the new Smart Home Diffuser, Acqua di Parma expands its Home Collection and offers a new and innovative way to experience ambient fragrances, giving the possibility to modulate the olfactory atmosphere according to individual wishes.

With the new diffuser Acqua di Parma and Poltrona Frau meet an idea of ​​living where design, ergonomics, beauty and atmosphere are integrated in an aesthetic and interior harmony to be enjoyed with all five senses; an idea of ​​the space that welcomes and reflects those who live there, that matches their personality and becomes part of everyday life.

Winners of numerous international awards, the Danish Stine Gam and the Italian Enrico Fratesi best interpret the spirit of Acqua di Parma and Poltrona Frau.

With its sophisticated stage presence, the Smart Home Diffuser is inspired by the shape of the circle, which has always belonged to the world of Acqua di Parma and its iconic hat boxes, translating it into an organic, minimalist and light design. The PELLE FRAU® upholstery, finely handcrafted with stitching and tailored details, expresses the noble craftsmanship of Poltrona Frau. The elegant base of the metal diffuser combines gunmetal and satin gold tones. The evocative tactile and visual values ​​of PELLE FRAU® meet the fresh brightness of the fragrances of the Acqua di Parma Home Collection.

It is possible to charge the diffuser by choosing three of the nine compositions of the Maison. Light of Cologne, Good morning, The House on the Lake, Oh, Love, Aperitif on the Terrace and Scents of the Garden, evocative of the most typical Italian moments. Orange of Capri, Fico d’Amalfi, Mirto di Panarea, to find in your home the breath of the magnificent landscapes of the Italian Mediterranean. Original olfactory suggestions, also for the Milan fragrance, signed by Poltrona Frau and evocative, with its modern and elegant notes, of the capital of design.

“The Italian art of living that inspires our Home Collection finds a particularly innovative and interesting expression in this project. We wanted to use the potential of home automation to offer an even more intimate, free and personal experience of ambient fragrances, in tune with the evolution of contemporary living. In this object, innovation is more than ever at the service of emotion, thanks to an intelligent system that maximizes every single fragrance. Design is also a key factor, which makes this object an authentic piece of furniture. The ideal partner of the entire project, Poltrona Frau, with whom the collaboration was extremely fertile and synergistic, for the sharing of common values ​​such as high craftsmanship and attention to the most current lifestyles. And thanks to GamFratesi’s creativity and research spirit, an object has taken shape that best synthesizes skilful craftsmanship, design, innovation and technology “, says Laura Burdese, President and CEO of Acqua di Parma.

“We have combined history, refinement and know-how with technology, to create a noble and current object. In this collaboration, the tradition and heritage of two companies that have always exalted form and substance have generated a product of high quality and modern use. The ability of the GamFratesi in design construction and of our artisans in enhancing the purity of form and shaping the materials have generated a pure object capable of enhancing any environment “, says Nicola Coropulis, CEO of Poltrona Frau.


Everything is highly customizable. The leather upholstery, available in five different colors and designed to be easily replaceable, can be embellished in the Acqua di Parma Boutiques with the handcrafted engraving of your monogram. The diffuser is designed to be able to select the desired fragrance at any time.

What makes the Smart Home Diffuser absolutely unique is the sophisticated technology for programming and diffusing fragrances. The different fragrances are encapsulated in special polymer-based “pearls”, which are in turn enclosed in the perfumed refills. The device contains up to 3 fragrances, from which you can remotely choose the favorite one, setting the times and days during the week in which to diffuse it.

The device is wireless and can therefore be positioned anywhere in the house. Extremely flexible, the Smart Home Diffuser can connect via wi-fi to an online system that manages all information and updates. It can be controlled either manually, thanks to the presence of special buttons on the base, or via mobile phone with a web app or alternatively via desktop by accessing a dedicated web platform.

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