Acqua Di Parma Meets Poltrona Frau

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Acqua Di Parma Meets Poltrona Frau

The first Car Diffuser is born to live a refined aesthetic and sensorial experience even when traveling.

Acqua di Parma, a symbol of the purest Italian style, and Poltrona Frau, synonymous with leather culture, research and design, present the new Car Diffuser within the Airound collection. An elegant design object designed by the award-winning designer duo GamFratesi, and studied in every detail to offer an enveloping sensory experience. The result is a new, original one expression of the affinity of values ​​between Acqua di Parma and Poltrona Frau, which for over 100 years have shared a passion for high craftsmanship and the ability to create new classics.

The two historic Maison, projected into the contemporary world from their origins, meet the needs of the most sophisticated and current travel. In a scenario where, thanks to technology, it is possible to make phone calls, listen to music, work, have a book read even while driving, the desire to experience a comfortable and welcoming sensory atmosphere inside the passenger compartment emerges.

The new Car Diffuser combines formal purity, high performance materials and unique olfactory compositions. Its circular shape evokes the iconic Acqua di Parma hat boxes and is enhanced by the essential and light design of the two elements that compose it. The leather case in precious PELLE FRAU®, with the “Acqua di Parma” and “Poltrona Frau” logos hot stamped, and the internal body that contains
the refills of the essences of the Maison.

Materials and colors amplify and complete the sensoriality of the Car Diffuser. The PELLE FRAU® upholstery, thanks to special processes and selected coatings, offers all the characteristics of safety and resistance required by the automotive sector and maintains its exceptional softness and beauty intact. In a choice of shades of yellow, dark gray and brown, the leather case harmoniously matches the gray inner body to suit every style.

“The new car diffuser is an object in which it develops in harmony with the contemporary needs of travel, an original and well-finished synthesis of design, high craftsmanship and the Italian art of living that you breathe with the fragrances of our Home Collection. In this case, too, we have entrusted the project to the sensitivity of GamFratesi, with the aim of bringing car, where you spend an important part of the day, a unique multisensory experience “, declares Laura Burdese, President and CEO of Acqua di Parma. “The Car Diffuser is functional and decorative at the same time, a symbol of uniqueness and innovation as well as design and technology. Through Poltrona Frau Interiors in Motion we have been linked to the world of four wheels for more than thirty years, engaged in the creation of leather interiors for premium car manufacturers at an international level. Together with Acqua di Parma, we are extremely proud to present a product specially designed for this sector, a further symbol of the high craftsmanship of Poltrona Frau “.

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