New Designers: interview with Carlotta de Luca

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New Designers: interview with Carlotta de Luca

Maria Luca was just born, the FW 2020 was the debut collection. I can say that Maria Luca was born with the pandemic!
Carlotta de Luca, is the former designer of Charline de Luca – has launched in partnership with OLG group   her new brand, Maria Luca 
All the collections are 100% hand made in Italy in the OLG factory, near Venice and can be found in the most prestigious boutiques as Net a Porter, Selfridges, Luisa via Roma . Carlotta lives in Rome with her two sons in an ancient ‘500 ancient typical roman palazzo and is a contemporary art and design collector with many De Padova and Ico Parisi pieces.

Carlotta, yours is a story of passion and continuous research towards a path that began some time ago and which today leads you to Maria Luca. What is the key word to describe this path? (speaking of your name, what do you prefer to be called? )
Carlotta is fine, which is my real name. Passion is certainly in the first place. I love what I do, research, fashion, design, leathers, shapes and geometries. These are all reasons that prompted me to pursue my passion and my work with great perseverance.

Since the time of your teaching experience, have you had clear ideas about what the objective to achieve was? And the path to follow in order to reach it?
I’m an architect, I studied architecture first at the state university of Rome and then in New York, at the New York Institute of Technology. Although I really enjoyed my studies, I knew I wanted to work in the world of fashion because my passion has always been there. Shoes for me are a design object that must be designed. After some work experience as an architect, I decided to change my career and dedicate myself to my passion. I moved to London for an experience at CSM (Central Saint Martins). Shortly after my first project Charline De Luca started, I knew what the goal was, the way to go a little less, it was a completely new world for me.

Your new collection, with Maria Luca, is declined to the modern vision of an independent woman ready to overcome borders. An unpredictable dimension too. What characterizes the woman of today for you, in relation to your creations?
The woman of today is a strong woman who knows what she wants and where she wants to go. At the same time she must have grace and elegance, to arrive without making it weigh on others

Speed, change, adaptation, global vision, are some of the elements that characterize the society we live in today.
So, Carlotta de Luca, what are you most attracted to? What’s your vision?
I grew up in an international environment, I lived in NYC and London, perhaps the most globalized but at the same time most multicultural cities in the world. I love speed, even if it puts a lot of pressure on it, it’s what gives me the energy to do better and better. As for globalization, I find it very important to know and understand our roots, our heritage, both personal and national. This is the only way to be authentic. I hope that authenticity and history can be carried forward in this globalized world.

Is your new project, Maria Luca, already a success? Tell us about how it was born and the upcoming and future projects?
Maria Luca was just born, the FW 2020 was the debut collection. I can say that Maria Luca was born with the pandemic! I presented my first collection in Paris in February 2020, after a few days the world changed. Despite everything we managed to make the brand known through a network of wonderful women! Irina SHayk, Eva Chen, Caroline Daur are some of the women who have worn Maria Luca several times. In the future we plan collaborations, and to expand to other categories of accessories

Himco High Italian Manufacturing is your partner. An important choice for you and your path?
Very important. Himco is a leader in the world of footwear, and is a true Italian company that carries our values.

2020, it is inevitable not to say it, will always be remembered as a year that changed lives and habits for millions of people. Everything seems to be negative but looking forward helps to project ourselves towards a future that we do not yet know. Has this pandemic disrupted the development of your projects? How are you planning next season?
It did not interrupt them because my projects started with the pandemic. We obviously slowed down and postponed what we had planned for the launch of the brand in 2020 and we have moved everything to digital for now. From September 2021 we are starting to redesign physical events and and a new phase of launches for the brand.

Your experience has led up to here and we imagine that the commitment and perseverance has determined this result. But is that enough? What would you recommend to a young creative designer at the beginning of his dream?
Commitment, perseverance and perseverance are essential. However, we must also be authentic and do what we are, and have a clear goal to achieve. Then there is also luck, which always serves everyone!

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