Acqua di Parma launches the charity campaign

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Acqua di Parma launches the charity campaign

So that every gift is a real gift, Acqua di Parma gives 100% of the proceeds from online sales of Colonia Futura in the month December in support of the new generations: our future

After the #StayHome solidarity campaign in support of the Covid emergency in Italy, Acqua di Parma returns to give its concrete contribution with the new charity campaign #SupportOurFuture.

In the current global emergency situation which requires distancing social as a norm of behavior, the transmission of values ​​and knowledge between generations, as well as their mutual support, are severely compromised. It is that generational shift, the founding theme of the Italian Maison since its origins, to suffer the greatest damage, with decisive consequences on the prospects of our future generations. For Acqua di Parma the rite of passage is that set of knowledge, emotions and daily actions made of wisdom and creativity, intimacy and sharing, which arise in the family nucleus and in exchange between individuals build the cultural substratum of our society, thus guaranteeing the transmission and survival of the heritage of values between generations. In the belief that the protection of this virtuous mechanism human is essential to ensure the development of our young people and that they are proper to represent our future, Acqua di Parma decides to intervene a their support.

With the new charity campaign, the Italian Maison will donate 100% of the proceeds net of VAT on e-commerce sales in Italy of the Colonia Futura line in December at the Francesca Foundation’s “HomeSchooling” project Rava – N.P.H. Italy Onlus. Contribution made possible also by the participation of Diana Corp, e-commerce partner of the Italian Maison, which in turn will donate his commission to the cause. The Italian non-profit organization was born in 2000 and has been ever since committed to helping children in difficult conditions in Italy and around the world. In Italy, the Foundation, at the forefront of health and educational poverty, supports a network of 668 communities, in total over 36,000 minors. Objective of the “HomeSchooling” project is to guarantee the right to study for children and teenagers hosted in numerous communities, family homes, mother-child homes, centers diurnal, reception centers for foreigners that the Francesca Rava Foundation supports on the national territory.

The strength of the project is also in its completeness of action. On the one hand the donation of tablets, PCs and technical support for internet connection. On the other the presence of educators who, in the indispensable role of facilitators, work together children and young people in learning basic computer skills and in performance of tasks.

“In a historical moment of extreme difficulty, young people find themselves facing a an unprecedented situation on many fronts, primarily school and education. IS for them, who are our future and our most precious resource, Acqua di Parma he feels the urge to do his part. The “Support our Future” campaign intends constructively support the most disadvantaged children and young people by working to guarantee their right to education. Attention to training belongs to the DNA of the Maison, which has always had the generational change in its heart understood as that set of daily and family rites and rituals of passage that contribute to the growth of the individual. We are therefore fully aware of the fundamental role that education assumes in protecting all that is more we love our country. Colonia Futura is the product we have chosen for to represent our new solidarity campaign as an emblem of our commitment to sustainability and a gift for the new generations. With this initiative we renew and spread the message of positivity and trust with which it was born ”, declares Laura Burdese, President and CEO of Acqua di Parma.

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