Acqua di Parma launches a new Fragrance experience


Acqua di Parma launches a new Fragrance experience

An innovative consulting service tailored to the customer to be experienced online or in boutiques. A multi-channel approach to nurture a relationship exciting and intense

Acqua di Parma chooses its country of origin to preview the new Fragrance Experience. In the particular historical moment we are in living, the historic Italian Maison is committed to being even closer to its own customers, thanks to an innovative multi-channel approach. The flexibility of the online and the warmth of direct experience come together to dedicate a moment of exclusive attention.

Whenever he wishes, the customer can book his personal Fragrance Experience on the Acqua di Parma website and choose the mode you prefer, reserving a online meeting with an Acqua di Parma consultant or, alternatively, a meeting private live in the boutiques of Milan or Rome.

The online meeting via the Zoom or Whatsapp platforms gives the opportunity to receive in advance and wherever the customer is a practical test kit with a precious selection of fragrances, to live in the intimacy of your own home same olfactory experience offered in boutiques.

Fragrance Experience offers highly personalized and tailored advice of the customer, who can have all the support to choose the fragrance or the product closer to his desires and his style. Three experiences to choose from when booking both the digital Fragrance Experience and in boutique. The first experience is an exciting journey into the world of Acqua di Parma to get to know its values, such as craftsmanship, passion for excellence and the art of creating the most Italian style in each of his creations refined and bright; the second experience is the engaging sensory discovery of the fragrances of the Maison, from Colonie to Le Nobili to Blu Mediterraneo, for those who want to be enveloped by the infinite facets of the olfactory universe Acqua di Parma; finally, an experience dedicated to Colonia Futura, the new Eau de Cologne with natural and generous elegance. A contemporary fragrance, 99% compost of ingredients of natural origin, emblem of the program sustainability Acqua di Parma Futura. The Fragrance Experience will be enriched gradually of further olfactory paths to ensure continuous discovery of the Acqua di Parma universe.

With the new Fragrance Experience, the Maison continues to cultivate the relationship with those who recognize themselves in their values, experimenting with ways of connecting advanced. A contemporary experience that combines tradition and innovation, putting people at the center, in perfect Acqua di Parma style.


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