New Photographer: Paweł Barański

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New Photographer: Paweł Barański

Paweł Barański in this shoot, wants to create a strong narrative revolving around personal romantic relation that’s at the edge of ending. Something with darker mood than usual fashion shoot, and ambiguously interpretation. On the set, he cooperated with a filmmaker, who was working as the lighting director, adding cinematic feel to some of the photographs. The model, Olga, was recent polish top model finalist.
Photography: Paweł Barański
Stylist: Marta Śliwińska
Model: Olga Kleczkowska / model plus
Muah: Julia Ozdoba
Photography assistant: Julia Zator
Stylist assistant: Zuza Borkowska
Lighting: Paweł Kryza
Apartment: Cinema hostel & apartments


Inside the gallery:

1 pic. Dress Magda Matyja / jewellery Ania Kruk

2 pic. Shirt  – Adrian Krupa

3 pic. Body – Asos

4 pic. Total look – Magdalena Czamara

5 pic. Total Look – Magdalena Czamara

6a Total look  – Magdalena Czamara

6b. Total lookMagdalena Czamara

7 pic. Total look – Magdalena Czamara

8 pic. Dress – Asos

9 pic. Frock coat – Madeline Official/ jewellery Ania Kruk

10a Shirt – Adrian Krupa jewels – Ania Kruk

10 b. jewels Ania Kruk/ Shirt Adrian Krupa/ bra Li Parie

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