Acqua di Parma #stayhome campaign

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Acqua di Parma #stayhome campaign

The Maison will donate the entire proceeds from the online sales to wellness rituals to the Lombardy Region

Animated from the beginning by a deep love for the Italian art of living and the desire to preserve the art, nature and culture of their country in the present and for future generations, the Maison will donate the entire proceeds from the online sales of the home fragrances and products dedicated to wellness rituals to the Lombardy Region for actions to support the Corona Virus emergency.
The proceeds from the #StayHome campaign involve the universe of creations that dress the home – candles and room diffusers, scented paper for drawers – that of Barber shaving products, and wellness rituals for the body and hand care.
“In this dramatic situation of suffering and difficulty that affects Italy so seriously, it is natural and right for Acqua di Parma to make a concrete gesture of solidarity. With the #StayHome campaign we want to do our part and show, as far as possible, all the love that the Maison has for its country of origin. The solidarity campaign is a way to provide, in this moment of crisis and need, tangible support, both moral and economic, to the Italian system and specifically to the Lombardy Region so that in tackling this emergency we can preserve everything we love to more than our country, Italian art, nature and culture and continue to donate and share them with the whole world, “says Laura Burdese, President and CEO of Acqua di Parma.

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