Max Mara launches CAMELUXE

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Max Mara launches CAMELUXE

Made with a less impactful process CameLuxe represents a new frontier, giving new life to precious materials otherwise discarded.

Max Mara CAMELUXE Ultra-fine insulating technology. Made in Italy

Pursuing a totally sustainable lifestyle is not always easy and, now more than ever, more responsible clothing options are needed than those proposed by the fast fashion industry. This is an objective that can be achieved with a production cycle based on Circular Economy models: upcycling is a great step forward in this direction.
Upcycling is a neologism that combines two concepts that do not always go hand in hand: on the one hand, the idea of ​​recycling; and, on the other, the idea of ​​improvement and quality (even if waste materials are used), hence the prefix “up”.
In a Circular Economy, the aim is to create less waste, making the most of every possible material and fabric used in the production process. In the case of Max Mara, the surpluses deriving from the process of cutting the camel fabrics of the iconic coats (and not only) are recovered and reused to create a thermal insulator, a padding capable of preserving the same properties of the virgin materials, without need for further consumption of raw materials.

Made with a less impactful process in terms of energy consumption, waste production, use of water and CO2 emissions, CameLuxe represents a new frontier, giving new life to precious materials otherwise discarded. For this project, in September 2019, Max Mara received the CNMI in recognition for sustainability Award at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards.

CameLuxe is present in eleven models of the Max Mara The Cube SS20 collection

The integrated downcoat and accessories system born in 2008. Max Mara The Cube represents the search for innovation that has always characterized the company, in a mix between avant-garde spirit and easy living approach of contemporary clothing. Made of exclusive fabrics created specifically for this project, details with extraordinary characteristics, innovative design solutions, reversibility, modularity and a wide range of accessories make Max Mara The Cube a rich and functional collection with a clear and well-defined identity, highlighted by the unmistakable packaging: the cube ..
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