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Chopard Haute Couture

To pay homage to these gifts of nature, the Chopard laboratories have used all their know-how to create creations with an essential design

Chopard Haute Couture , famous for its creative genius, also boasts an authentic talent for highlighting the most extraordinary stones. In conjunction with Paris Haute Couture Week, the Maison based in Place Vendôme presents the latest jewels resulting from its search for perfection: an unprecedented assortment of precious stones of extraordinary purity that immediately caught the attention of Caroline Scheufele, great expert and creative soul of the Maison. It is the first time that Chopard has exhibited such a large number of jewels of this quality.

The age of adulthood has come for Haute Joaillerie Chopard

Celebrated for its savoir-faire and uncontainable creativity, Haute Joaillerie Chopard is dedicated to exceptional stones. His workshops, born at the behest of the Co-President and Artistic Director Caroline Scheufele over twenty years ago, have experienced an extraordinary development over time. By grouping over thirty trades in the sector under one roof, Chopard has dedicated itself constantly to enriching its vast savoir-faire.

The life of these workshops has been marked by important moments, such as the Red Carpet and Animal World collections, but also Garden of Kalahari, a complete set designed from a 342 carat rough diamond of extraordinary purity; however, it is the first time that the Maison has simultaneously presented such a large number of stones of similar rarity. A decisive phase that marks the achievement of the age of maturity for Haute Joaillerie Chopard and that demonstrates how the Maison knows how to marry the refinement of its savoir-faire and the choice of noble materials with skill.

A garden of stones collected in the bowels of the Earth

Caroline Scheufele, passionate about precious stones and aware of the sacredness of our mother Earth, has assembled a collection of gems from the four corners of the globe. Among these, some very rare specimens of precious stones par excellence: an unheated 21.04 carat sapphire, a drop-cut pigeon blood-colored ruby ​​also unheated and a series of Colombian emeralds, the largest of which even 61.79 carats. The latter crown a diamond necklace paired with a pair of earrings with two 32.16 and 39.80 carat emeralds. All these stones have an extraordinarily reduced number of inclusions, considering their size.

The diamond, the precious stone par excellence, reigns majestically on this collection, as shown by the pair of pendant earrings composed of four D-Flawless and D-Internally Flawless grade diamonds, all of the IIA type – the highest level of purity , guaranteed by the absence of nitrogen and bora in the stones. This stone is also celebrated in an assembly of colored diamonds, which are also in great demand: according to the well-known research center Gemological Institute of America (GIA), only one diamond out of 10,000 found in nature is considered a colored diamond. Finding these stones of the highest quality required a long search by Caroline Scheufele, who presents a fancy dark gray greenish yellow diamond – called “chameleon” for its peculiarity of changing color according to exposure to light or a source of heat – and fancy yellow and fancy pink diamonds mounted on solitaire rings and on earrings. At the center of this series of colored diamonds, there is a 33.26 carat emerald cut fancy vivid yellow, presented without a frame together with the diamond necklace design that will soon embellish it, as well as a pair of yellow gold earrings with four diamonds fancy yellow from 7 to 18.6 carats, drop cut.

In addition, the fine stones were selected for their quality and for the magnetism of their color, such as a 26.44 carat black cabochon opal with deep blue and green reflections and a 34.63 carat Paraiba tourmaline whose natural turquoise color will sparkle a beautiful necklace.

The essence at the service of beauty

To pay homage to these gifts of nature, the Chopard laboratories have used all their know-how to create creations with an essential design and allow the stones to express their intrinsic beauty. In the opinion of Caroline Scheufele, the vocation of the jeweler’s job is all here: to reveal the natural shine of the gems, without unnecessary ornaments or unnecessary blooms. The result are stones set on solitaire rings, sometimes delicately embellished with a micro-setting or two other stones on the sides, or set on pendant earrings. Nothing else is needed to reveal the timeless character of these jewels destined for eternity.

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