Holiday tips for September: Batumi

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Holiday tips for September: Batumi


Adjara Autonomous Republic is one of the most attractive regions of Georgia; it is famous for incredible cuisine, an ancient wine culture, unique mountain views, charming cities, old-fashioned hospitality. The capital Batumi has it all. Certainly more than any other seaside resort on the Black Sea coast. In addition, Batumi has historically been one of the most tolerant cities in the Caucasus.

The old town is quite compact but has recently undergone a major restoration and is now quite stylish. Seeing the different Georgian architecture is an absolute pleasure and a must for your trip to Batumi. A great way to enjoy aerial view of Batumi is to take the Argo Cable Car. The 2.5-kilometer journey through the city provides a good overview of the old sections mixed with modern and new areas of Batumi.

Sunbathe on the rocky shore or swim in the salty waters of the Black Sea, Walks along the beach at sunset time were absolutely delightful.

Come to Batumi hungry. There will be dishes served traditionally as large sharing plates. Among the most traditional Georgian dishes are Khachapuri, with a variety of regional dishes. It is served as a main course and is extremely filling.

Georgia is, of course, a wine country. Georgia has made a very ordinary archaeological discovery listed in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage and the cradle of a wine that has traditionally produced more than 500 years of production, over a period of 8,000 years, where Traditional Georgian Wine was there.

Batumi is rich with historical sites such as Batumi Boulevard – it is one of the most visited places along the Black Sea coast. Batumi Boulevard by the sea is the center of life in the city. It stretches for 7 kilometers along the Black Sea, and includes parks, beaches, variety and bars along the way. Here you can find the famous statues of Ali and Nino, an impressive work of art, works of art and metal sculptures. It is also known as the Statue of Love based on the story of an Azerbaijani Muslim Ali and a Georgian Christian Nino, who have a love story condemned on the ground of the First World War.

A short journey to the south of Batumi will take you to Gonio, where you will find a Roman castle, not popular beaches and bars. The impressive walls date back to the 1st century AD and display a rich history and archaeological finds. After visiting this castle and beautiful garden of it, we recommend seeing the historic 12th-century Arched Bridge and Makhuntseti waterfall in the mountainous areas of Ajara.

There are so many great things about the city: architecture, nature, food, wonderful hospitality and culture where you will find something interesting for everyone. The Georgian culture is undoubtedly the most prominent of Georgian culture. As the Georgians say, ‘A guest comes from God!’. Gaumarjos for it!

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