We tell you why new Noma comes back in best 50th restaurants world

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We tell you why new Noma comes back in best 50th restaurants world


Many of you remembered that Noma wons the title of The World’s Best Restaurant in four years: 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014 but when Redzepi closed the original Noma in February 2017 all was changed. He moved the restaurant from Copenhagen’s Christianshavn neighbourhood to a more spacious plot on artsy Refshalevej Island, with the new restaurant’s first service taking place in February 2018.

Now the Noma offers three menus per year, each roughly 20-courses, based on the top ingredients available during a given season. And the season philosophy of cousine became the new mantra of the restaurant.

The Noma staff , on twitter account zoom into the natural world with a curiosity that turns small experiments into whole departments. From fermentation to foraging, a daily report of  where came from all the ingredients of the menu. Kitchen manager, Simon, responsible for ordering and inventory,  takes care of this aspects of restaurant life. 

The Seafood Season runs 9th January through 1st June; Vegetable Season runs 25th June through 21st September; and Game and Forest Season runs 15th October through 21st December.


Pictures credits: Noma’s twitter

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