Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018. What to expect and how plan shopping responsibly?


Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018. What to expect and how plan shopping responsibly?


   Every year there are some periods of  shopping boom‘ people are willing to spend way more money than usual. Before the biggest celebrations like Christmas, Easter or even summer holiday and preparation for school. But there is no one day, such as global and epic as Black Friday, always about massive crowds and insane sales. Why many of people just loose their minds by shopping and spending so much time and money especially during this day? Is it worth? How shops prepare for that and attract customers? Let’s take a look what can we expect this year and how to manage money and time.

   In fact, since 2005, Black Friday has been the busiest shopping day of the year. With retailers extending their hours and deals every year, the crowds and chaos show no signs of decreasing. It takes place the day after Thanksgiving.
This year it’s going to be on 23 November, with Cyber Monday (the Monday after Black Friday) falling on 26 November, also Black Friday weekend sales going to offer many of deals during the whole time between them.
Many of online shops and stores participate on Black Friday that it can easily be overwhelming for the casual shopper. So how to win the best clothes and save the most money?

Shop online. Check sales before Black Friday.
While internet are getting more and more into our every day, Black Friday shopping also has increasingly moved online in recent years. That perfectly use online shops.
Of course, it’s good to remember that the sales themselves usually start a while before 23 November – potentially weeks ahead – and that some retailers will actually keep their discounts going right through until Christmas, so it’s not strictly limited to those three days.
For example, Net-a-Porter has joined to the Black Friday month-long bandwagon with its half-yearly sale, offering up to 50% off designer handbags, shoes, jewelry, lingerie, bridal gowns, sportswear, and a whole lot more. So if you are expecting a great deals not only for this day but also for the rest of the holiday season, this page is worth to check out.

Subscribe newsletters for the special offers. Make a list, set a budget.
Many of shops prepare their ads way earlier than the winter season starts, that’s why people can expect what’s waiting for them and get ready for the big day before it starts. Almost in every online shops we can find special subscriptions for the Black Friday’s news. Here you can get many of benefits, such as the latest news about fashion, beauty, f
ast sign in, checkout, create and save wish lists of items you love, get promo codes for discounts. To make your shopping easier it’s always wise to make a list of what you want and set a budget in advance.

Don’t buy non-advertised items.
Just because it’s Black Friday, it doesn’t mean all items are for sale. A lot of retail stores mark up items from their standard price hoping to sell it. Other retailers like jewelery or specialty stores will not offer any additional discounts at all. It is really important to check what sales do they offer before and during Black Friday.

In conclusion, more or less almost all of us are preparing for very known Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Shops are preparing their ads to attract many of customers, expands working hours and make a huge sales, profit. Customers – checking out sales, making lists to find the best deals for the least price.