4 fashion photographers to follow during the summer


4 fashion photographers to follow during the summer


By Chiara Figueroa

Steph Wilson

Steph Wilson is a fashion and fine art photographer and artist based in Hackney, London. She has been published in magazines like: Dazed and Confused, Vice, W Magazine, BON.  Steph combines fine art and photography with a feminist ideology interweaved throughout, she also set up an art collective, Lemon People, which is a very good place to find the best up-and-coming artists based in London.


Nico Bustos


His career began in the early 90’s and has provided him with a body of work that stands as a testament to his limitless talent. In 2004 he won a national photography award in his native country of Spain. Throughout his career, he has been a regular contributor to Vogue Spain, Harper’s Bazaar Spain and has maintained a long-term relationship with the ‘El País Semanal’ Magazine. His work has reached different countries and has garnered praise by the aformentioned publications as well as Vanity Fair.


Carlotta Manaigo

Born and raised in Italy, Carlotta Manaigo moved to the US to study Fine Arts at the Rhode Island School of Design. She discovered fashion photography once living in NYC “I approached fashion photography as aesthetic research, I was intrigued by fashion for its generational impact, mirror of the times, and for the freedom of thought and creation, of escape to fantastic dimensions.”


Nathan Best

Nathan Best is a photographer, filmmaker and magazine editor, working in the fashion, music and art fields.