Interview: Dmitriy Gibshman


Interview: Dmitriy Gibshman


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“A new name on the Ukrainian fashion scene, Gibsh is a cool mix of edgy street style and feminine whimsy. Designer Dmitriy Gibshman was a super talented stylist prior to establishing Gibsh earlier in 2017. The brand is only in its second season.”



When you decided that you want to be a designer?

When I was 4 years old, I liked to draw models wearing clothes, but everyone said that it wasn’t fitting for boys, it wasn’t good. And I started to dream to be a doctor, a lawyer and so on. Nevertheless the creativity had triumphed in my life and I was 18 years old I started to work as a stylist on the shootings of different fashion labels commercials and video clips. This sphere is very developed in Ukraine and it allows making money and creating your own projects like GIBSH.

I felt, I wanted something more. I feel comfortable working with clothes. Fabric is my material, for me it is like paints for an artist. Actually I started easily; I bought some clothes in second-hand shops and started to transform it.  My first test collection was in a  recycling style. I share this collection with different Ukrainian journalists and they wrote nice articles about me and asked “ Dima, why didn’t you do it earlier?”

So it was your dream job, right?

Yes, undoubtedly to be a fashion designer it was my dream. I feel happy creating collections and I hope that my work will be only better in the future!

What is the first thing you designed and for who?

The first thing I designed was a sweatshirt and I made it for myself. I cut out the square in the sweatshirt and sewn a T-shirt with a picture of a heart under it. The main idea was this square was unfastened and you could show that you have a heart or you could hide it. That was a really interesting effect.

Who’s the designer you admire the most?

There are a lot of talented people that I like Raf Simons, Miuccia Prada, Demna Gvasalia. It is difficult to choose someone. But Maison Margiela was the first brand that impressed me.

Who’s your muse, your icon, when you create a dress?

My muse is my world that I feel, that I see, that I dream about and, of course, my inner world. I’m between the external world and my inner world and I feel myself like a piece of bacon between rolls, it’s like a sandwich. I feel a harmony between these two worlds, maybe because of it everything is working.

If you had to design an entire collection using just one color, which is the one you’d pick?

I would pick white color, because white is a beginning of everything, it is interesting and   certainly not very practical and basically I had an idea to make a collection in white, maybe one day I will do it.

Who’s the first person you show your sketches to?

Seamstresses were the first persons who saw my sketches and they began to realize my drawings.

If you have to pick the fabric you like the most it will be?

I like jeans, cotton, leather and I like to experiment with these fabrics. I’m sure I will work with other fabrics because all of them are interesting for me.

If your clothes would have a soundtrack, which songs you’d choose?

Unconditionally I would choose techno, I like it and of course I like silence. Anton Kushnerov created an amazing soundtrack for my Spring 2018 catwalk show and I am really proud of it.

Do you have any trick…

My trick is a desire to create clothes, when you want to create a great collection you draw a lot and it is difficult to stop this process.

If you weren’t a designer which job in the fashion world you would like to do and why?

I would like to have an online fashion shop, maybe my own online magazine about fashion and lifestyle.