Interview: Elvira Gasanova


Interview: Elvira Gasanova


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Designer Elvira Gasanova was born in Donetsk city, Ukraine.

She was a talented kid and always showed/possessed her huge organizing capacities. From 6 years she went to art school after she became a leader and captain of the Club of cheerful and resourceful (CCR) at school and university. But it was additional as she was studding to the Medical University on the faculty of stomatology (dentist), which she had successfully graduated with a red diploma. Then she got master’s degree here. Her designer’s career started from the wish to be a volunteer on the First Fashion Week in Donetsk city. She understood that she could try herself in the roll of designer and begun preparation.


When and how you decided that you wanted to be a designer?

4 years ago, when I was in my native city Donetsk, there was First Donetsk Fashion Days, where I came like a volunteer, it was a great experience for me like a young girl and a person who likes events. And I decided to take part like designer. My first fashion show was in Donetsk city, on the 1st of November 2013.

Then I came to Kiev and started to work in this direction like a professional designer. I have great advertising campaign with top supermodels that was an icon for me such as Snejana Onopka and Alina Baikova.

It was your dream job?

It was not my dream job, I wanted to be a Dentist.

While I was studying I took part in all events in my Medical University like a host of events. Even now usual work is not for me. I wanted create and I always knew that I will design,  even in dentistry.

Which is the first thing you designed and for who?

It was my birthday dress that I created with my Mom (she is very creative woman).  By the way, it was her dream to be a designer and it come to me.

Who is the designer you admire the most and why?

I aspire by Ukrainian brand Bevza, Italian brands Max Mara and Maison Margiela, French brands Celine and Balmain. All ideas of that brands and designers are delightful for me, I love all details of these brands.

Who is your muse, your icon, when you create a dress?

I don’t have an icon like a person, I have an idea how I want to see my customers and I create something strange and standard for them.

If you had to design an entire collection using just one colour, which is the one you’d pick and why?

Black, I think it’s my favourite question and my favourite colour. All my person wardrobe is black, I think it’s very intellectual and a little bit sexual!

Who is the first person you show your sketches to?

My Mom and my two sisters. They are my main critics.

The fabric you love the most…silk, lace, velvet? 

My favourite fabrics are leather, silk and jeans.

And the last of them, denim, with special attention on jeans jackets with handmade painted is a DNA of my brand.

If your clothes had a soundtrack, which songs you would choose?

I think it will be some strange music like a soundtracks in my fashion shows. Some techno with elements from the East or it could be something more unexpected.

Do you have any trick to avoid that “blank page” moment when you are at the beginning of the designing of a new collection? Do you watch a movie, flip an old magazine…

Yes, I watch a movie not before each my collection (that I seat and watch). NO, I can watch the film and then I got an idea that I could implement in my collection! If to talk about my next collection FW 18/19 it will be Casanova, like Gasanova, but about Casanova.

If you weren’t a designer which job in the fashion world you would like to do and why?

Chief Editor at Vogue, I think it’s a dream of all creative people.