Interview: Greta Ferro


Interview: Greta Ferro




Spotlight on Greta Ferro, new face of Why Not Model

Do you remember your first photo shoot? What was the feeling?

The first pictures of me were taken when I was around fifteen years old by a photographer who knew my parents and decided to shoot me in a cold winter day. I remember I was quite excited and also embarassed but the result was absolutely stunning: I never thought I could have such an impact on a screen! The photos were amazing but most of all I was impressed by the depth of my look.

What have you learned from modeling? 

Even if I never expected that, the fashion world is incredibly challenging. In that there is a great competition among almost everyone and you have to constantly prove you are at your best. I gained so much more self-consciousness but most of all I’ve learned (and I’m still learning) how powerful I am and how I can impact the people around me. And not just as a model, but as a human being.

What do you like the most and the least about modeling industry?

I absolutely love how you are constantly in contact with the most diverse and interesting people, you get to know everyone and you get to travel and challenge yourself constantly. On the other side, I sincerely don’t catch why some “fashion people” think so highly of themselves disrespecting your professional figure.

Where have you traveled with modeling? What has been your favorite city to visit?

I’m still quite new in travelling with the modelling industry but so far I was is Portofino (a one day work trip) and Sicily (for my first campaign) were absolutely stunning and full of joy and fun! Let’s say that every place which involves standing close to the sea is my favorite place.

What have been the weirdest thing ever happened to you on the set?

One day I had to shoot with the biggest, fluffiest and clumsiest dog ever. He would really not stand by my side and kept running around with the whole staff chasing him. I loved this dog at first sight.

Modeling is also about waiting… Waiting for your makeup, hair and etc. How do you spend this time?

It sincerely depends from the period. Usually I read a book, listen music or look for news on my phone, but I do enjoy the grooming waiting time. I love it when people touch my hair GENTLY (because my curly hair are one of their kind) and put makeup on me (guess how: GENTLY)!

What is your relationship with fashion? Do you like to play with colors and different combinations? 

I do enjoy fashion but without it becoming an obsession. I guess any person who has their own personality, do own a personal style. Mine vary from sweatpants to mini-dresses and high boots. I’m more of a classical type, but with a bit of irriverence. Still working on my relationship with high heels and completely in love with the colour red, blue, white and grey (but the others too, why not). Once time happened funny thing, I went to a casting wearing a total white outfit and the models around me seemed to be joining a funeral. Yay!

What about the social media? Could you stay offline or it is necessary to be in the middle of everything?

Instagram is my main social network and I honestly adore it. If you make a good use of it, it can transform itself in the most colourful social platform: where people share their costumes, their ideas, their personality, their style and the things which they like. They can choose to do it in such a personal way, it drives me mad. I’m often online but I don’t feel the need to share everything which happens in my life, just the things which make me laugh or which surprise me.

What are you looking for in your next job? Do you have a dream job?

My dream job would come to life if I could become an actress, probably in the States. I know it sounds crazy because it’s incredibly difficult, but I’ll try my best to make it happen (especially now that I have the chance to go live in NY for a while). On the other side I would like to work for the United Nations, that is another path I strive for. We’ll see what happens…