Spotlight on: Selena Carvalho


Spotlight on: Selena Carvalho


Selena Carvalho, is from Buritizeiro, in Minas Gerais, Brazil. She’s seventeen and been modeling since January 2014, when she was approached by a scouter who was visiting her city and invited her to come to São Paulo to be a model. She was then invited to join Way Model’s casting and have been working in the agency since then. In november this year, she was selected to participate the 31st edition of Elite Model Look, which took place in China. The final was on December 2nd, and despite not winning it, Selena was the only brazilian model participating the event.

1) Which was the first picture that someone took of  you, the first model job you had,which were the first impression you had you saw it published ?

The first model job I’ve ever taken was a beauty photoshoot for a Brazilian magazine called Manequim. When I saw it printed and published I was so amazed, I couldn’t even believe that was me on the picture!

2) Which is the first rule you’ve learnt working as a model ?

That being a model is a very serious job. You must Always give 100%, put love in it, always take good care of your health, be in shape and last but not least, care for your reputation.

3) How do you reconcile your life (studies, friends..) with your work ?

I don’t have a problem with that… I’ve left some friends in Buritizeiro, where I’m from, and the new friends I’ve made in São Paulo are mostly people who are in fashion, so we’re always seeing each other.

4) What is your relationship with fashion? You have your own style, you like to play with clothes and fashion?

I’m not very edgy, I just try to wear whatever makes me feel basic and comfortable.

5) Your relationship with social, photos, instagram ..? You cannot live without it…or sometimes you prefer to be “off line”?

I love sharing all my moments with my friends! I’m always posting about what I’m doing, where I’m going and have fun doing it.

6) What are your favorite hobbies ?

My favorite hobby is definetely dancing, I love it! And now, I’ve started taking Muay Thai classes at the gym and I think I’m falling in love with it too!

6) What’s the thing that people doens’t know about working as a model ?

People usually can’t imagine how hard this profession can be. It takes more strength and determination to do it than most Jobs so you can reach your goals as a model.

7) The weirdest or funniest thing happened on a set ?

For sure it was this time when I was in a photoshoot outdoors, near a small cliff and ended up falling into it. I was scared at first but fortunately I didn’t get hurt, so I could laugh about it.

8) What’s the thing you like the most about your job and what you don’t like?

I love all these amazing opportunities I’ve had to meet new people, make new friends, see new places, and make it in a model world – which very few people have a real idea of what is like… being a model is a magical thing!

9) Modeling is also about waiting, waiting for you make up….how do you spend your “waiting time” ?

I try to mingle and get to know people on the set/job, or else I enjoy myself posting and interacting in social media!

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