A day with Zsuzsanna Jakabos


A day with Zsuzsanna Jakabos


What do you like most about swimming if you’d have to make a comparison with other sports ?

The best part of it that we spend a lot of time working hard, but still, at the very end of the session we dont smell, and just need a quick shower, that means our changing rooms don’t have that sweat stink like other sports, I’m really happy about this.
From another point, swimming is practiced in water, gravity does not affect us, and that makes the whole sport just unreal.
I like water as an enviroment.

How, where and why did you start practicing this sport ?

Well, everybody has to learn how to swim, otherwise we could not make selfies on a nice beach, right? 😉
In Hungary, learn-to-swim is a must in the school, and my parents wanted me to do some extra practice before that, I was 7-8 years old, and started at my very first coach, Dr. Anatolij Petrov, who coached me to an Olympic level. (please write him down).
Interestingly enough, my current coach is his son, Ivan.

How do you reconcile your life outside of the pool, with hard training and preparation for the races ?

Well, my life is quite normal, trying to keep my house clean is a battle every day fought…. I cook for myself, I have a red cat, who is by the way the nicest cat in the universe. Sometimes I go shopping, sometimes I go to the cinema, I guess its pretty ordinary.
The only thing that differs me from non-athletes should be my schedule, I work in the early morning and in the afternoon, besides that I have to go to long training camps to places that sound really exotic. In reality I dont see much except the hotel room and the swimming pool 🙂

What was the most exciting moment of your athletic career so far ? What would you like for the future ?

The past is history, and the future is mistery as you say. I’m very happy that I managed to come back from a serious shoulder injury. I try to enjoy every training hour spent in the water, and then try to do my best on major competitions.

(A question that many girls are wondering) How much time do you devote to the care of the body, the hair? What is your ideal look: simple and natural or sophisticated and refined?

I would go simple and natural. I try to avoid chemicals in my meals and cosmetics.

What’s your relation with fashion?

I try to keep everything practical and simple. Having 2-3 training sessions a day does not help, it also means I have to change 4-6 times a day. Imagine to do that with anything that looks cool haha 🙂

What do you feel when you’re posing for a photo campaign ? Do you have fun ?

Well, it depends on the photo of course! It is always good fun to do photoshoots, some are better then the others, a lot depends on the staff we are working with. Creating a photo is teamwork and I’m only a small part of the machine producing it, it is always exciting what comes out in the end.

How social you are…i mean Facebook, Instagram ..? You cannot live without it…or sometimes you prefer to be “off line” ?

I prefer to be offline during my holidays. Staying offline is always a relief 🙂 But who can live without social media nowadays? Thats where I can see all of my friends anytime of the day, no matter what timezone I’m in.

ZOE means “life” in greek… what would it be your ideal place to live in the future ?

Well, I could tell you a few places where I would not want to live, this is a hard question…

My preferred house would be a big, bright house with large rooms, high ceilings, close to nature, preferably a forest or a river, and not too far from the city… Right now I live in a house like that, and I love it!
But people change, who knows how my preferences will change in the future?

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