Spotlight on: Milena Lobko


Spotlight on: Milena Lobko


Which was first picture that someone took of you ? Not a professional one ( it can be a picture from your childhood time ) 

This photo was taken by my parents when we were visiting my grandmother, i think that in this photo I’m 12 years old. I’ve  always loved animals since a i was a kid.

Which was the first picture that someone took of  you, the first model job you had, which were the first impression you had you saw it published ? 

My first model job was walking the catwalk for Mario Schwab F/W 2013 show (photo attached)  at Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days. I still remember how i was feeling backstage and during rehearsals… the designer personally checked makeup and hair of each model. I was delighted with the event, everything on the show was perfect: models, clothes, music,  organization. It’s still one of my favorite shows.

Mario Schwab F/W 2013

Which is the first rule you’ve learnt working as a model ? 

The first rule that I have mastered from my agent it’s trying to be always very easy and relaxed about failures, pay attention to the comments and critics of the designer, photographer, and everyone with whom you work…every job is a chance to grow in your work as a model and a way to improve your skills. Smile, be calm and shine!

Fashion is… 

I love fashion…and it’s always very interesting to be able to see the new fresh collections, new trends, new ideas…fashion is Art and fashion is always inspiring for me.

On my everyday life I prefer to wear light skirts, dresses. I dоnt like pants and shorts. My favorite look of the day is a combination of sneakers, with a lightweight and girly dress and a backpack to put everything i might need during the day.

How’s your “social network” life? You cannot live without it…or sometimes you prefer to be “off line”?

I’m always online…I’m on the tumblr, instagram, facebook, vkontakte (russian facebook), pinterest, twitter. I think that there is nothing wrong with that :-).  Social Networking for me is a way to meet new people, learn something interesting…social networking is great, of course, if it does not interfere with your real life.

What’s the thing that people doesn’t know about working as a model ? 

People usually think that the model job is a very simple job…they think that it is always very fun and easy. I wouldn’t say that modeling is a super hard work…the stressful thing is that you’re are in a state of constant tension. You don’t know why they didn’t choose you for a defilé, you do not know what it takes to become a good model. and when you ask anyone, the answer is “none knows…”. You’re not sure whether you have a job tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Sometimes modeling feels like it’s a lottery…you have to work hard but as in a lottery you have also to be lucky…to be at the right place at the right moment, to walk for the right show…maybe you work with a new designer that in a daze become a very famous one.

The weirdest or funniest thing happened on a set.

It was an artistic shooting with a very talented photographer in Ukraine. The idea was that I should sit in the swamp, very dirty and very mysterious…some sort of Ophelia. All the team: the photographer, stylist and makeup artist and me had to walk a couple of kilometers along a very busy street to reach the photographer’s studio, there I was finally able to wash the dirt and mud off me and go home, in the end it was so much fun!

What’s the thing you like the most about your job and what you don’t like.

I like everything about modeling – meeting new friends, traveling…the most valuable thing for me in this work is the chance to study the fashion industry from inside and get acquainted with the super talented and interesting designers, casting directors, bloggers, stylists, and all those who work in this industry. The one thing I don’t like:  waiting 🙁 !

Modeling (as you pointed out) is also about waiting, waiting for you make up….how do you spend your “waiting time” ?

Sometimes waiting for makeup, hair, rehearsal…it’s energy draining and boring but we the help of smartphones and a good book it can be nice…or if you’re phone is out of battery and you’ve got no book to read…you can chat with everybody who’s backstage with you. 

by Alla Kostromichova and Violetta Malakhova.

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