Travel guide and fashion tips for SS24

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Travel guide and fashion tips for SS24

Three destinations and the right fashion combinations for an unforgettable holiday.

If you are looking for your next destination, here you will find everything you need. We offer you three destinations, three traditional local activities and the right fashion combinations to not be found unprepared.

All you have to do is add your personality and pack your bags now!


In the heart of the Amalfi Coast, Positano is the perfect destination to enjoy beautiful views, dive into crystal clear waters and immerse yourself in the Italian “La dolce vita”. The pyramid of colourful houses that descends towards the sea is known worldwide. More than a place to visit it is a place to live, being enchanted by the colours and atmosphere.

Neutral colours, orange and blue with its many shades will capture your attention. You can let yourself be lulled by the sound of the waves and enjoy your holiday.

The combinable look that we propose takes the colours of the place to best accompany you in your travel experience signed Made in Italy.

Things to do: don’t forget to stop by the “Gelateria della Buca di Bacco“. You can enjoying a delicious homemade ice cream made with selected raw materials. All with sea view!


Summer is the best time of the year to make a sensory journey in Provence: between July and August, among the villages, the purple lavender expanses bloom and offer unique olfactory and visual experiences. To fully enjoy everything, you can stay in Grasse, the city of the French Riviera defined as the capital of perfume.

In Provence, the lavender harvest is a popular event linked to traditions and festivals that are intertwined with nature. If in ancient times the ear of lavender was considered an amulet, today we know with certainty its virtues: it is antiseptic, calming and healing.

The garments and accessories that we propose recall the predominant colours of the Provençal fields: the pastel yellow that separates the various bushes, the pastel green of the stem and leaves and the purple that, in all its shades, characterizes the flower with such an iconic scent.

Things to Do: after visiting the Molinard Bastide Museum and attending the different stages of perfume creation, take part in organized workshops and have fun creating your own fragrance!


| CHANELBOUTON DE CAMÉLIA RING 18K yellow gold, diamonds |


| CHANELCOCO BRACELET Quilted motif, 18K yellow gold, diamond |


Finally, we suggest you an idea of travel as true lovers of adventure: South Africa, with its multiculturalism and surreal landscapes, is ready to welcome you between history and culture. Here you can have unique and unrepeatable experiences, such as immersing yourself in nature during a safari and seeing up close, but in their natural habitat, zebras, giraffes and lions.

But not only that…from the panoramic cliffs of Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope you can spot whales and enjoy breathtaking views.

The outfits proposed here want to combine different needs. On the one hand you have to be prepared to different temperatures. On the other hand you have to follow the “unwritten rules of the territory”, avoiding strong or bright colours that can annoy the inhabitants of the savannas!

Things to do: in Boulders Beach, near Simon’s Town, you can walk with cute African penguins in some wooden walkways!

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