Camilla Fasoli tells about Couture Collection by VIMAR1991 for Jaipur Rugs

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Camilla Fasoli tells about Couture Collection by VIMAR1991 for Jaipur Rugs

For the first time, the precious fantasy yarns of VIMAR1991, a prestigious spinning company owned by Chanel, are used to design a collection of carpets with a unique and refined look.

The refinement and charm of VIMAR1991’s fancy yarns, worked by the expert hands of Jaipur Rugs artisans, express a new idea of luxury and exclusivity. The result is a new experience in the world of carpets which become iconic elements of elegance and refinement, evoking the sophisticated atmospheres of couture fabrics. A carpet with a sartorial touch, the result of a union between the world of fashion and that of interior design. This is the concept developed by VIMAR1991, an Italian manufacturer of luxury fancy yarns, acquired by Chanel in 2020, and Jaipur Rugs, an Indian company specialized in the production of handmade rugs. The experience of walking on these extraordinary carpets is unique and exclusive, here Indian tradition combines with Italian savoir-faire.

The particularity of VIMAR1991 yarns, which have always been icons of elegance and style, fascinates the world of luxury. Each yarn selected for this collection is the result of meticulous research and experimentation, covering all phases of production. For the first time, fancy yarns, which have always been used in high fashion, are reinterpreted to meet the needs of interior design. The rugs, hand-knotted by the artisans of Jaipur Rugs in Rajasthan, are made using the Indo-Nepali method in which each knot is tied line by line to a rod. All the nodes are then carefully stacked, suggesting three-dimensionality to the patterns. The iconic designs, inspired by haute couture, give the collection a timeless character, embodying an unprecedented synergy between fashion and interior design.

Couture Collection is an ode to elegance, the harmonious fusion between tradition and modernity and an opportunity for design and high fashion enthusiasts to enrich their spaces with unique and refined pieces. You too can become part of this new era where two icons have met.



Camilla Fasoli, Creative Director of VIMAR1991, tells us about the Couture Collection project…

The world of fashion meets more and more often with that of design and furniture. Does this need arise from the strong cultural matrix that unites the two realities?

Sure. Furniture and fashion have always been expressions of culture, style and craftsmanship. They can tell the culture of a country, of a historical period as well as the history or personality of each of us. In both cases there is planning and work with companies of excellence to produce a product that is unique and recognisable, which is why the contamination between the two is natural and necessary. Just think of Gianfranco Ferrè or Tom Ford who were architects.

Where did the idea of declining the narrative of Vimar1991 with the tones of “Couture” come from?

The idea was born from the fact that we already had a unique product that was recognizable by everyone, our fancy yarns. Vimar1991, in fact, has always produced fancy yarns used by the most important high fashion houses. So why not rethink them from an interior perspective? We therefore changed the fibers and components but maintained our style characteristics, then making them work in a totally different and new way by the artisans of Jaipur Rugs.

Sustainability is central to your strategic vision as already highlighted in the installation that you curated for the 92nd edition of Pitti Filati. What was the starting point of this process?

Sustainability is central for Vimar first of all at an industrial and process level. We are a GRS, RWS and GOTS certified company, meaning we process certified fibers that come from farms or production processes that comply with globally recognized parameters. Then we try to reuse our production waste as best we can. From wool waste to produce shopping bags for employees or felt panels used as pinboards, up to the recycling of machine heads for the creation of art installations or fairs. This is because in addition to the sustainability theme, many of our waste products are still beautiful!

The protection of "savoir faire" Is it a way to unite geographically and culturally distant worlds?

Safeguarding savoir-faire is a prerogative of both Vimar1991 and Jaipur Rugs. Both companies invest heavily in the protection and transmission of their internal cultural heritage. Bringing these two very distant savoir faires into dialogue to build something totally new was the real challenge. to use Vimar1991’s fancy yarns for a collection of couture rugs

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