Celebrating 20 years of Maison Aurélie Bidermann!


Celebrating 20 years of Maison Aurélie Bidermann!

To mark this magical occasion, Maison Aurélie Bidermann is launching a capsule collection devoted to luck and passion!

To crown 20 years of creation, Maison Aurélie Bidermann unveils Figarella; a collection that embodies the Maison’s ethos. Seven exceptional designs, made for the first time, with totally transparent Bakelite. Figarella is inspired by Beaumarchais’ famous character, Figaro, with whom it shares liveliness, enthusiasm, and a touch of insolence. It combines one of the Maison signatures, the four-leaf clover, with the element of water. A delicate union enhanced by the gold-plating, another favourite material, and the optical effect of the Bakelite, inviting the gaze to get lost in the depths of the generously-curved pieces

Cuff, bracelet, necklace, charm, ring, sleeper, hoops… all nurturing the effect of light and brightness. The magic of twenty years – the carefree age of happiness and luck, frozen forever. Seven lucky charms, symbols of change and energy, to celebrate the transition from one life phase to another, towards a future full of promise.

The jewellery can be happily stacked and layered, becoming more than an accessory, but a permanent ticket for escapism. The candy-coloured bracelets, chunky rings, and colourful necklaces possess a lively, uninhibited spirit and buckets of confidence; summoning the codes of femininity and sensuality. Each piece stands out majestically, offering women a bold and confident look.

The special anniversary Figarelle collection is available from June 2024, at all Aurélie Bidermann boutiques and at aureliebidermann.com

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