The Machine Behind the Art | Inside JR’S Printing Press


The Machine Behind the Art | Inside JR’S Printing Press

A new immersive exhibition at Superblue Miami.

Conceived specially for Superblue by JR, The Machine Behind the Art Inside JR’s Printing Press invites you to explore the mechanical world crucial to the artist’s practice. Visitors begin the exhibition by entering a “secret” door embedded in The Chronicles of Miami mural.

As you move through the space, you experience one of JR’s famous photo booths and take a black-and-white portrait. The installation continues in what appears to be the interior of an oversized, whirring printing press. Your portrait, taken moments before, escapes from the rollers and floats to the ground. After posing with your giant image, the posters are rolled up to be taken home. The immersive and participatory exhibition is open at Superblue Miami from now until November 2024.

The Machine Behind the Art makes the process of image-making a tangible experience that is at once personal and shared. The exhibition creates a space for individuals to express themselves, while connecting visitors through a collective experience.

This installation was inspired by the participatory principles of Inside Out, a global art project created by JR that empowers communities to create their own public art installations made of large-scale black-and-white portraits. Echoing this spirit, this work both continues the legacy of Inside Out and extends the experience of The Chronicles of Miami.

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