The treasures of the private collection of S.A.R. | Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy

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The treasures of the private collection of S.A.R. | Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy

Rare objects of royal and princely origin. The auction house Piguet Hotel des Ventes in Geneva has been chosen for the exhibition of art objects and exceptional and rare works of royal and princely origin.

“These treasures represent rare, sometimes unique, testimonies of historical, political or family events of European royal dynasties from the 16th to the 20th century. We are pleased to offer the public these new objects, which immortalize some historical events that have shaped the history of Europe.” said Bernard Piguet, director and auctioneer of Piguet Hotel des Ventes



Exceptional vase-urn ordered by Luigi Filippo in 1936, signed Jean, producer of bronzes in Paris.

This extraordinary bronze vase represents Louis Philippe receiving the crown offered by the Belgian Congress to the Duke of Nemours on 17 February 1831. According to the national archives this example of virtuosity is part of a personal royal order of Louis Philippe of 1836, for a pair of vases of high value, intended for the palace of the Tuileries. The excellent quality of this unique object is matched only by its historical and political importance. Louis-Philippe actually used to require renowned artists to create works commemorating historical events in order to consolidate his policy as a constitutional monarch.
The presence of this vase in the aforementioned collection is justified by the fact that Maria Gabriella di Savoia is a direct descendant of Luigi Filippo

Gold Medal commemorating the wedding of Prince Umberto of Savoy to Maria José of Belgium

Unprecedented and unique, this wonderful gold medal of 435 gr. was offered by King Vittorio Emanuele III in 1930 to his daughter-in-law, Princess Maria José of Belgium, on the occasion of her marriage to the Prince of Savoy, future King of Italy Umberto II, father of M.G. of Savoy. This jewel will be for the first time exposed to the public during the December sales

Rare gold medal commemorating the wedding of the Imperial Crown Prince, Archduke Rudolf of Habsburg-Lorraine (1858-1889)

Elisabeth of Wittelsbach, called “Sissi”, empress consort of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1857-1898), wife of Emperor Franz Joseph and mother of the groom, offered, following the family tradition, this medal to his goddaughter Elizabeth Gabriella Maria of Wittelsbach, Duchess of Bavaria, future Queen consort of Belgium (1909-1934) and wife of King Albert I, maternal grandfather of H.R. Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy.

An authentic royal transmission through women, this medal passed into the hands of the Empress of Austria-Hungary (Sissi) and the two successive queens (Elisabeth of Wittelsbach of Bavaria, Queen of Belgium, and Maria José of Belgium, Queen of Italy) to finally return to us and be proposed for the first time at the auction. The tragic fate of Rudolf and his mother, the Empress Sissi, who was assassinated in Geneva further heightened the interest of this lot. This is the one that belonged to the same Crown Prince Rudolf and now exhibited in the Vienna Numismatic Cabinet

Important neoclassical vases of the nineteenth century in Egyptian porphyry

An important pair of vases in Egyptian porphyry with elegant gilded bronze finishes recalls the attraction of the kings of France for this noble material, associated with the idea of supremacy and prestige

Works from the library of S.A.R.  Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy
Following the success of the sale of books of a part of the princely and royal collection of the Kingdom of Italy last June, on behalf of our house, Piguet Hotel des Ventes is pleased to unveil a new selection of meticulously selected works in the Princess’s private library.

The sheen of the gold and coat of arms binding reinforces the importance and prestige of the House of Savoy through the ages and history.

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