Thanks to the implementation of a new set of innovative technological solutions to support the Manifattura’s artistic skills’ legacy, in the 2021-23 period the overall consumption of gas, eletricity and CO2 emission have been reduced

Sesto Fiorentino (Florence), 22 November 2023 – Ginori 1735, the expression of the Italian
excellence in the field of luxury and lifestyle, one of the world’s leading brands in pure porcelain
and in the design, confirms its commitment to sustainability with the installation of two more
eco-sustainable intermittent kilns for producing the porcelain destined to be part of the white
porcelain production department , of an intermittent kiln for producing higher artistic creations,
of an intermittent kiln for the Decoration department and with the introduction of a pressure
casting system.

The above investments come after those related to the five avant-garde intermittent kilns
already installed and operative since February 2023, in substitution for the two continuous
production kilns previously utilized, which had become outdated and inefficient.
Thanks to the introduction of new and more performing technologies, Ginori 1735 therefore
confirms its commitment to proceed along the three synergic environmental, social, and
governance paths, while achieving in the 2021-23 period a reduction equivalent to 42% in the
overall consumption of gas, to 6% in that of electricity and to 40% in terms of CO2 emissions.
These results are even more impressive when viewed in the light of:
– an overall increase in the number of kilns,
– a consequential 60 % rise in production, compared to 2021,
– the installation of heat pumps and air outlets for cooling the premises in the summer months.

Since the new kilns have a firing chamber that is separated from the work area, it has been
possible to air condition the production departments, which has greatly benefited people at
the Manifattura, a key component of the transformation process. Moreover, it has been possible
to adopt a simplified factory layout, which has facilitated the flow of products and information,
and to create a big polyvalent team, in order to valorising everyone’s contribution and sense
of responsibility, the growth of know-how in new directions and to enhance learning process
and ongoing improvements.

All this enables production to move with the times and help grow the Manifattura legacy of artistic skills and expertise, while enhancing the creativity of its master craftsmen.

Also regarding the governance, the introduction of digital systems has enabled radical changes
in production, leading to an optimal work shifts planning, which may now be fit to real
manufacturing requirements, and to people’s work-life balance. Finally, all the newly
implemented machinery and systems are interconnected, managed, and handled via remote
control, and they dialogue with the company ERP.

“The 360-degree transformation process we have undertaken in favour of sustainability
enables us to valorise teamwork, reduce our environmental impact and improve our
performance, while growing our technological culture and hi-tech craftsmanship, supporting
the Manifattura of the future” commented Alain Prost, Chairman and CEO of Ginori 1735

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