On Saturday 18 November the annual event in support of Friends for Central Africa Carla Maria Pagani ODV

In the evocative setting of Villa D’Este, on Lake Como, the annual evening of solidarity took place in favor of Amici per il Central Africa Carla Maria Pagani ODV. Unique opportunity to bring together the Association’s supporters and tell them about the evolution of ongoing projects. The fundraising held during the evening will support the activities that the Association has been promoting for years in the Central African Republic, a nation hit hard by wars and famines.

The evening was attended by volunteers, entrepreneurs, supporters and well-known faces such as Beppe Bergomi former Italian footballer and world champion with the Italian national team in 1982, Alberto Cova Olympic champion in 1984, Marco Castelli international model and designer, Ginta international artist, model and singer . Guest of the evening was Giuseppe Arena, a journalist who believes in enhancing the link between luxury, fashion and wine. His experience led him to be designated “Best Brand Ambassador of Italy 2023” and obtain the nomination of “Chevalier De Champagne” thanks to his knowledge of Champagne in all its nuances.

During the evening, the Carla Maria Pagani Award for Excellence in Volunteering was awarded to Simone Binda, president of the “INNOCENTE BINDA” Association. An important recognition, now in its eighth edition, awarded to those who have distinguished themselves for their work in the field of volunteering.

“Our volunteers are the lifeblood and reason for being of the Association” – declared President Pierpaolo Grisetti – “in them the Central African population finds an important point of reference, concrete help aimed at a nation where it is essential to promote a process, not only of peace, but above all of reconstruction and cultural education.”

The projects carried out in recent years by Amici per il Centrafrica ODV have guaranteed educational and professional training opportunities, have allowed the development of a health plan with the construction of a dental medical laboratory and an optical center to support the Central African population. Furthermore, the Association is committed to raising public awareness on the topic of training as a necessary tool to guarantee development and emancipation. A “Train the Trainer” project, with the aim of training hundreds of primary school teachers in the Bangui area and thus conveying knowledge to thousands of children and young people.

“Events such as the annual appointment at Villa D’Este represent moments of sharing for those who support us and for those who want to be part of our journey: an analysis of the goals achieved and a project towards new objectives” – concluded President Grisetti – “our path, undertaken years ago by our founder Carla Maria Pagani, is a continuous challenge where being alone allows us to be strong but only being together makes us invincible in believing in a peaceful future for Central Africa”.

The “Friends for Central Africa” Association was founded in 2001 by the will of President Carla Maria Pagani, who gathered friends and volunteers around her. To date, thanks to the commitment of supporters and the contribution through donations, it has been possible to build and support: 15 schools – giving education to thousands of children -, 2 dispensaries, 2 health centres, 1 rehabilitation center for the disabled, 1 dental. The association also continues to support multiple projects for economic support and professional training such as the 1st socio-pedagogical center recognized in the Central African Republic, which trains the country’s teaching class.

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