GemGenève the preview of 2023 edition

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GemGenève the preview of 2023 edition

Created by exhibitors for exhibitors, GemGenève offers a platform for expression and exchange that encompasses passion, expertise and education.

GemGenève represents a unique hub where jewellery designers, dealers in precious stones, retailers, collectors, connoisseurs and buyers both professional and private can all gather under the same roof. Over the course of four days, GemGenève offers an opportunity to acquire exceptional pieces and to be inspired by a community of specialists in the field of gemmology and jewellery. It is a laboratory of creativity and innovation, bringing together recognised designers and emerging talents; a world of design, of rare gems, of antique and contemporary jewellery. Created by exhibitors for exhibitors, GemGenève offers a platform for expression and exchange that encompasses passion, expertise and education.


“Launched in 2018, GemGenève is a unique meeting hub where jewellery designers, exhibitors, gemstone dealers, retailers, collectors, connoisseurs, and professional and private buyers can come together under the same roof, to share their passion and discover the latest treasures in the world of jewellery.” Ronny Totah


Thomas Faerber and Ronny Totah / Founder and Co-Founder GemGenève

“A trade fair like GemGenève is important for the entire industry, and we look forward to welcoming exhibitors and visitors alike – including school groups and talented youngsters – to the November 2023 edition.” Thomas Faerber

Brought forth from the bowels of earth, raw stones are transformed and cut by jewellers to become unique creations. GemGenève invites you to discover the world’s most beautiful pieces of jewellery: from diamonds to coloured gemstones, natural and cultured pearls; antique and vintage jewellery with great provenance; sophisticated pieces from top designers, and more. GemGenève offers a unique opportunity to meet professionals and the greatest names in jewellery, including young creative jewellers and influential talents from the world of precious stones.

A selection from the exhibitors at GemGenève

Herbert Stephan KG, Germany German family firm Herbert Stephan KG employs 250 specialists. Every year, they produce over 1.5 million precious stones for high-end jewellery and watchmaking. The company works with local and international artists alike, as well as with world-renowned luxury brands. The firm describes itself as the largest and craziest manufacturer of precision cut hard gemstones, cameos, and carvings. Herbert Stephan KG has been committed to the cause of sustainable luxury for many years; today, it buys over 90 % of its precious stones from reliable, documented sources, preferably directly from the mine or from local supplier intermediaries. The Stephan family is eagerly looking forward to presenting its concepts and materials at GemGenève in a unique blend of creativity and technology.

Faerber-Collection, Switzerland Dealers in precious stones and outstanding jewels since 1968. Founded by Thomas Faerber in Zurich in 1968, Faerber-Collection are now world-renowned experts in the sale and purchase of rare precious stones, natural pearls, and ancient and historic outstanding jewels from ancient times through to the present day. The firm has offices in Geneva, New York and Hong Kong. At GemGenève it will be presenting a wide variety of spectacular items, including a recent collection of contemporary ‘you and me’ diamond rings in which each ring is unique, engraved with the Faerber logo and serial number as proof of authenticity; an exceptional five-row necklace made from 381 natural pearls; and a Lalique brooch in the shape of a heron dating back to 1898. In 1998, Thomas Faerber’s children Ida and Max joined him in the business, making them the fourth generation in this family of expert jewellery dealers. They work closely with their fellow directors Alberto Corticelli and Philippe Atamian to pool their respective areas of knowledge, taste, skills and contacts as they share and further consolidate Thomas’ original mission, vision and values.



Nicolas Torroni, Switzerland | Ravasco Collection Nicolas Torroni is a family firm founded in 2003 that’s been operating out of Rue du Rhône, Geneva, for 20 years now. It specialises in the sale, purchase and trading of jewels, precious stones and objets d’art. Nicolas Torroni has brought together over thirty Alfredo Ravasco pieces to display on its stand at the GemGenève exhibition in November 2023, offering visitors a unique opportunity to discover the work of this Italian jeweller. Alfredo Ravasco (1873-1958) was an Italian Art Deco goldsmith and jeweller from a family of jewellers based in Milan. He took part in the Paris International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in 1925. His style is characterised by the use of coloured hard stones such as malachite, lapis lazuli, onyx, agate and coral. He worked for numerous royal families as well as for Pope Pius XI, whose papal tiara he crafted. He is renowned for his decorative items; these include chalices, objets de vertu and jewels.

A selection from Emerging Talents and New Designers

GemGenève is proud to be welcoming nine talented designers curated by Nadège Totah: five Emerging Talents and four New Designers who as such, will be able to benefit from greater visibility in the show’s Designer Village, which brings together all the young talents represented at GemGenève. Their works offer a fascinating insight into a world of highly diverse ideas and sources of inspiration, full of innovation and ingenuity and highlighting each artist’s individual personality. The artists all have very different styles and techniques, and one thing in common: the meaning, message, and role of jewels, over and above their purely decorative function. First and foremost, precious stones are and always have been talismans, offering protection and good fortune; talismans are kept close at all times, reminding us to live in harmony in mind, body and spirit.

Celeste Wu, China It was in 2009, while she was living in Paris, that Celeste Wu discovered that the best form of artistic expression for her was jewellery. Over the past fifteen years, Celeste (who hails from China) has brought all her passion to her chosen craft. Through her jewellery, Celeste seeks to share joy and happiness, inspiring others to dream and find light in every circumstance of life.

Celeste’s artistic career embodies a constant quest for knowledge and wisdom. She designs her jewels to reflect her own sensitivities, her insatiable curiosity acting as her guide. Her works are a combination of abstract and geometric shapes forming harmonious, poetic compositions, resulting in a subtle balance of simplicity and complexity.

In her creative process, Celeste explores every area of her artistic freedom, drawing inspiration from a range of styles and artistic movements. Recently, Celeste and her team embarked on a creative journey lasting nine months to produce an exceptional piece of fine jewellery entitled Moon Fairy & Rose. The piece will be unveiled in a world avant- première at GemGenève in November 2023.

Shavarsh Hakobian, Armenia Shavarsh Hakobian is a jewelsmith based in Yerevan, Armenia. He has always been inspired by the desire to experiment with unconventional materials including wood, leather, fabric, tusks and butterfly wings, combining them with precious metals and stones. Since launching his own-name Shavarsh Hakobian brand in 2008, the artist has been producing unique pieces in limited editions: fashionable jewels for men and women alike.

As an artist, he is especially interested in wax sculpture. This process gives him absolute freedom of expression, allowing him to improvise and experiment with shapes, volumes, and dimensions and thus ‘feel’ the piece even as he brings it to life. Each jewel created by Shavarsh reveals a natural balance between daring shapes and a host of details. As the designer explains, “when I’m creating a piece of jewellery, anything and everything around me can be a source of inspiration: an engaging piece of music, a butterfly alighting on a flower, a detail on a building, or the workings of a watch”. As a perfectionist, Hakobian strives to achieve aesthetic perfection in an exhaustive creative process, with plenty of thought and special attention paid to even the minutest details.

YOURA Jewelry, Saudi Arabia YOURA Jewelry is a fine jewellery brand based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, YOURA taken from the Arabic words “to be seen”. The designer Rabaa Saleh Alangari started her journey with a great passion for diamonds, painting, colours and creation; she was moved by the great connection between the soul and all these elements. Her curiosity to learn more, follow the latest trends and visit the most famous design houses, eventually led her to establish her team with the desire to produce exceptional pieces that can appeal to all different tastes and personalities.

In 2015, YOURA Jewelry took its place in the field to announce the birth of a new dimension in the world of jewellery and beauty. Jewellery is universal, and although YOURA was born in Riyadh, the company is inspired by beauty in all its forms and shapes. Rabaa stresses “When you look at all those pieces displayed, it is usually one piece that catches your eye and the heart, and then a decision is made, because the heart knows better.”

Diva Jewels, India In the world of fine jewellery, the journey of Diva Jewels by Rishi Mukesh Mehta has been an inspiring testament to innovation and creativity. Rishi aims to shatter traditional boundaries of jewellery- making and has redefined the art of adornment. Each design is an expression of emotions and unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Based in Mumbai, India, Diva Jewels offers timeless jewellery that resonates with elegance and sophistication. The family-owned business founded by Rishi’s father and visionary Mukesh Mehta in 1995, stands out as one of the few houses that provide both custom jewellery design and sales under one roof. All the firm’s unique creations are meticulously handcrafted using brilliant-cut diamonds and rare gemstones. At Diva, every process is carried out in-house, allowing for seamless transition from a concept on paper to the delivery of a jewellery piece in record time.

The vision of the brand is to breathe life into every design with an element of movement, also known as ‘En Tremblant’ jewels. The ‘Dance of Brilliance’ collection presented at GemGenève comprises breathtaking jewels that sparkle with every move. Made with carefully chosen diamonds and precious gemstones, these jewels are sure to leave visitors awestruck.


The new poetic exhibition of seventh edition of GemGenève: The Pearl Odyssey

For its seventh edition, GemGenève is staging a poetic exhibition entitled The Pearl Odyssey. Bringing together over forty jewels and outstanding pieces, the exhibition once again bears witness to the tradeshow’s commitment to promoting jewellery arts. Chaumet, the Flee Project collective, the Alfardan Collection, and a number of partner exhibitors have joined forces for this unprecedented undertaking, agreeing to display some of their most beautiful items. Featuring an immersive space, the exhibition begins by plunging visitors into the world of pearl divers in the Persian Gulf and elsewhere. A second exhibition area reveals all the creativity of leading jewellers, from jewels of imperial origin through to exceptional pearls and exclusive and historic pieces from the most prestigious private collections. They reflect the diversity of styles and fashions that have prevailed through the ages. The exhibition journey ends on a scientific note, with a presentation of the history of pearl study since the last century organised with the support of the Swiss Gemmological Institute (SSEF). The presentation focuses on the essential differences between natural and cultured pearls. From Joseph Chaumet’s early experiments to the state-of-the-art techniques developed by our partner laboratory, the last section of the exhibition offers a comprehensive overview of the expert methods used to appraise the quality and origin of pearls from around the world. As Ronny Totah, himself both an enthusiast and a specialist when it comes to natural pearls, says: “The perfect nature of natural pearls resides in their inherent imperfection, which makes each pearl unique, with its own size, shape, colour and sheen. Pearls can be round, oval, baroque, or even tear- shaped. They range in colour from pure white to dark black via a whole range of shades including pink, champagne and iridescent blue-green resembling dragonfly’ wings”.

Impressive Devant-de-corsage ornament brooch by Vever: chrysanthemums of pearls, enamel and diamonds, 1900.- Faerber Collection. Photo © Katharina Faerber

Bayadère necklace, 1922 – 1924, Joseph Chaumet period: Gold, platinum, natural seed pearls, sapphires and diamonds. Paris, Chaumet Collection. Photo © Nils Herrmann

Engraved gold belt with honeybee, star and and palm frond decoration, Greco-Roman cameo, gift from Pauline Borghese.
Empress Marie-Louise’s ‘Gothic’ belt, circa 1811, Marie-Etienne Nitot: Gold, agate and natural pearls, in its original setting. Paris, Chaumet Collection. Photo © Bruno Ehrs



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