31 LE ROUGE | The Spirit Of Chanel Creation

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31 LE ROUGE | The Spirit Of Chanel Creation

With 31 Le Rouge, audacity and the avant-garde become the key points of a new vision of beauty.

ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WAS a revolutionary designer who created a modern and timeless style, whose modernity is a continuous source of inspiration.
ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WAS a woman who, with her bold vision of her, revolutionized the techniques, habits and gestures of beauty. In combining elegance and comfort, aesthetics and functionality in each of her creations, she transformed the essential into luxury par excellence and dressed the CHANEL look with an exclusive signature.
ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WAS GABRIELLE CHANEL, whose radical, revolutionary and avant-garde creations dared to abandon conventions to open the doors to exclusive and virtuous luxury.
AND TODAY: 31 LE ROUGE, an object of beauty that embodies the alpha and omega of CHANEL Creation, in line with the philosophy of its founder. The result of innovative excellence, 31 LE ROUGE contains the elegance of a jewel, the technical characteristics of an uncompromising design, the performance of a formula developed to respond to every desire and the precision of a palette of unique colours, inspired by history of the Maison. The transparency of the packaging creates a surprising contrast with a design of great visual impact, which reflects the strength of the creation and celebrates its timeless style. The name, a perfect symbol of its uniqueness, is inspired by an iconic address and becomes the emblem of an extraordinary creativity that transcends ephemeral trends.


31 LE ROUGE fulfills every desire of the present and anticipates future ones, drawing inspiration from the Maison’s rich heritage to project beauty towards an even brighter future. Every facet of 31 LE ROUGE challenges convention, establishes new foundations and marks the beginning of a new chapter in beauty and design. The story of tomorrow.

The first CHANEL lipstick in glass, 31 LE ROUGE is a prism of light. The facets of the packaging celebrate the mirrors that frame a famous staircase at 31 rue Cambon in Paris: a tribute to the cradle of CHANEL creation and the representation of the avant-garde spirit of the Maison. With 31 LE ROUGE, CHANEL transforms lipstick into a work of art of craftsmanship, a meeting between technology and the savoir-faire of glass art, traditionally used in high perfumery.

Four years were needed to give solidity to an apparently fragile packaging, an authentic marvel of technology that does not give up aesthetic beauty. CHANEL relied on the savoir-faire of a Japanese master glassmaker to trace its essential lines. Used for the first time for lipstick packaging, glass replaces other more traditional materials. Its transparency reveals the splendid facets of a now iconic creation. Cut like a diamond, emblematic, the packaging of 31 LE ROUGE is set with a double golden ring, whose proportions create a perfect balance with the glass walls. A new signature, a new code, like two faiths that seal the perfect union between present and future.

Rechargeable, 31 LE ROUGE combines glass packaging and an entirely metal mechanism, in the name of a virtuous vision of beauty in which solidity becomes the foundation of a timeless style. The lipstick is enclosed in aluminum packaging, a recyclable material whose brilliance is sublimated by the transparency of the glass. Innovative in every respect, the lipstick refills are interchangeable and equipped with a protective cap, so they can be sealed and replaced even before using up the product. In the name of freedom of choice and versatility in all circumstances, 31 LE ROUGE allows you to travel light by taking only your favorite shades with you… An echo of Gabrielle Chanel’s philosophy. A high-precision mechanism ensures that the refills fit perfectly into the glass packaging. A technical and creative challenge that is more complex than it appears. A casual, simple and linear style.


31 LE ROUGE is a work of art, infused with CHANEL’s tradition and chromatic savoir-faire. The CHANEL Makeup Creation Studio has created twelve shades with an intensely luminous satin result, worked pigment by pigment. To reveal the radiance of each nuance, the micronized pigments have been combined with an oil, combined with cellulose powder and embellished with opalescent mother-of-pearl, the final touch for a long-lasting satin result.


The 12 shades, constructed with the same precision as a Haute Couture dress, are inspired by the unique heritage of the Maison. Some give a glimpse of a specific moment in Gabrielle Chanel’s life or one of her passions. Others become codes, revealing the secrets of one of her creations or evoking one of her most treasured objects. The details and their history contribute to the exclusive nature of the colors and make them classics of today and tomorrow, like N°5 or the tweed jacket, capable of transcending passing trends. Among these Rouge 2.55, a deep and sophisticated garnet inspired by the lining of the iconic bag.

Rouge Fétiche, a carmine red, is the color of the flannel ribbons that Mademoiselle wore around her ankles as a good luck charm before the launch of a new collection. Rouge Beige is a pinkish beige, a tribute to a visionary idea. In an era when women were expected to wear only dark dresses in the evening, Mademoiselle sublimated the allure of the evening dress with a beige satin version. Among her shades stands out Rouge Roman, an elegant mauve pink that recalls the binding of Gabrielle Chanel’s precious books, which she loved to display in her apartment and which she always kept close to her.

Rouge Croisière, in pink wood colour, is a tribute to the wardrobe of the Cruise collection which inaugurates a new season before its arrival. Finally, Rouge Privé, a shade infused with the same mystery that envelops the door at the top of the mirrored staircase, at number 31 rue Cambon and its famous writing: “Mademoiselle Privé”. It is a wardrobe of Haute Couture elegance, which allows you to match the colors to your mood, your outfit and, of course, all the nuances of your personality.

For those who want it all, 31 LE ROUGE has everything you could want. Its formula contains the properties of a skincare product, without sacrificing effectiveness, comfort and results. It’s a beauty dream come true, a lipstick that meets every expectation. Thanks to the delicacy of gardenia essential oil, a plant jewel cultivated by CHANEL, 31 LE ROUGE offers an immediate smoothing effect that intensifies with each application.

Designed for extreme comfort and optimal hydration, 31 LE ROUGE envelops the lips in a thin veil thanks to the combination of waxes and oils of vegetable origin. With the addition of camellia esters, developed internally by the Maison, the formula instantly softens the lips. 31 LE ROUGE also contains the power to redefine the lips. Maracuja oil is an active ingredient known for its ability to stimulate the synthesis of the three main components of the skin structure, hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, and gives the lips a more defined appearance.


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