PELSO SS24: Botanical Chronicles


PELSO SS24: Botanical Chronicles

The spring-summer 2024 collection by Pelso mixes contemporary and urban outfits with ease.

Pelso’s collection was inspired by Julia Festetics, a woman with a free and unusual spirit.

In summer, near the Káli basin, the northern shore of the lake, nature explodes and shines in the fullness of flowering. A pique-nique on the grass offers the ideal opportunity to discover the flora and fauna that have inspired the collection and populate the shores of the lake, rich in flowers with delicate petals, as well as enjoy sounds, almost imperceptible, such as the beating of the wings of insects.


The patterns and silhouettes of the PE24 collection are inspired by this complex world, so dear to the countess. The new season, which effortlessly mixes contemporary and urban outfits with others that stand out for their “lake and antique” elegance, are designed by designer Eszter Füzes.

The vaporous fits, built through the overlap of light fabrics, refer directly to those loved by Julia Festetics, cosmopolitan and refined woman. Dresses, skirts and tops are made of silk, cotton and viscose, all natural and impalpable fabrics.

Prints become the absolute protagonists of a collection that stands out for its accurate story telling and exquisitely botanical inspiration. In addition to botanical motifs and minute insects, the clothes also feature geometric shapes inspired by cement, in graphic contrast with the romanticism of floral prints.

The swimwear line, designed by Angéla Mészáros, is essential, precious and easy to match with the other pieces in the collection.

For the first time, men’s garments will also be presented in Milan: wide and silky suits, printed shirts and trousers with a flawless cut, maintain a casual vibe and at the same time refined.

The new home collection is also faithful to the brand’s DNA. The soft oversized cushions and iconic prints of tablecloths/ fabrics that can also be used as tapestries, borrowed from the PAP collection, are fresh and summer perfect for both indoors and outdoors and emphasize the bohemian spirit of the collection.

Ph credits: Stefania Di Fresco




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