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Louis Vuitton presents Deep Time, an epic journey through the aeons, narrated through fabulous stones.

Louis Vuitton presents Deep Time, an epic journey through the aeons, narrated through fabulous stones. This is the fifth High Jewelery collection of the Maison designed by Francesca Amfitheatrof, Artistic Director of Jewels and Watches.

Deep Time is an ideal and absolute journey, which begins with the birth of the planet up to the creation of life. In the new collection, the unique and original design and the savoir-faire of High Jewelery merge with a geology at the origins and the history of the earth’s crust emerges between jewels and precious stones. This is the Maison’s largest high jewelery collection to date, featuring 170 unique pieces, 95 of which are in the first chapter alone, and a record number of precious stones.

“At Louis Vuitton we have always loved adventure, traveling to extraordinary, unexpected places,” says the Amfitheatrof. “Deep Time will take you to the distant past, to a time and place so remote that it is difficult even to comprehend. Yet the stones, treasures that are formed by changing over many millennia, will lead us right there, at the dawn of the planet and of the history of the world, to our symbolic geological heritage.

Deep Time takes the form of two acts, geology and life, and includes 16 themes in all, 13 of which will be presented in the collection’s debut. Each one features masterfully executed jewels that capture this epic tale of transformation, life and connection.

The geology traces the extraordinary evolution of the planet, starting from Gondwana, one of the two land masses of the supercontinent that characterized the formation of the Earth. Consisting of an exclusive selection of the rarest no-oil Colombian emeralds, Gondwana is followed by several apocalyptic evolutions, expressed through the themes of Volcano, Wave and Rupture, whose explosive powers come to life through a unique language, typical of the Maison. The graphic and impactful Louis Vuitton V signature enhances the extraordinary jewels, while the custom-cut LV stones radiate an innate power. The final chapter Drift personifies the sun and the sea with a magnificent pairing of aquamarine and yellow sapphire that opens the second act of Deep Time. Life is the mouthpiece of an intricate and sophisticated universe, where the vital force guides the creation and the graphics leave room for organic matter, all set in spectacular jewels through eight themes. Ranging from Origin and Fossils to Seeds and Flowers, the themes reveal a seductive play and juxtaposition of textures, layers and of course, more bewitching stones. Even jewels are increasingly versatile: many have been designed to be worn in different ways, an orientation towards transformation that Amfitheatrof has continued to pursue over the past five years.

“We have this extraordinary ambition to find the most enchanting stones, all related to a theme in Deep Time, whether they are formed from lava, come from different continents or symbolize an idea,” Amfitheatrof explains. “Deep Time is a celebration of the past as well as the magnificence of nature and the incredible transience of life.”


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