Oliver Polge tells the project behind “Les Eaux De Chanel”

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Oliver Polge tells the project behind “Les Eaux De Chanel”

A vibrant olfactory journey imbued with freshness and lightness.

To experience PARIS-PARIS is to find oneself in Gabrielle Chanel’s Paris, a timeless city full of life, authentic character, and modern spirit. It is the Paris of our dreams, one that has been idealized through fleeting images. The allure and inimitable style of the Parisian women. A leisurely morning spent at the terrace of a Parisian caf . A fresh, spicy rose with natural, elegant charm.

“With PARIS-PARIS, I created a sparkling floral composition inspired by the effortless elegance of Parisian women.” Olivier Polge

To embody the essence of this new destination, Olivier Polge chose to use Damascena rose, a rose full of character that reveals a multitude of facets, which are bolstered by fresh citrus accents and heightened by the sharpness of pink peppercorn extract and an elegant patchouli base.

PARIS-PARIS is housed in the same refined, curved bottle as the other fragrances in LES EAUX DE CHANEL collection. While quite sophisticated in composition, it simultaneously echoes the lightness of the fragrances created by Olivier Polge. It is crafted from high-quality materials that are used in their simplest form. The thin, lightweight glass bottle reveals a rose-colored fragrance inspired by the glistening stone facades of Parisian buildings in the early morning sun. It is topped with a black bio-based* cap engraved with a double C. The corrugated cardboard packaging, which is usually not visible, has been transformed into a pared-back sleeve that lacks a laminated or gloss finish, making it easier to recycle.

PARIS-PARIS is available as an enveloping mist that offers lavish, generous fragrance application, which makes using fragrance throughout the day even more enjoyable.

*Sourced from plant-based materials.


What are the differences and the similarities between the fragrances in the LES EAUX DE CHANEL collection?
There are differences between each EAUX DE CHANEL, but above all, there is a common spirit among these fragrances that complement each other. Each of LES EAUX DE CHANEL adds something and is a variation on the same theme of freshness.
For PARIS-PARIS, I wanted to create a fresh and sparkling perfume that expresses a certain refinement and complexity, a reflection of Paris.
LES EAUX DE CHANEL are imaginary journeys. These destinations evoke olfactory images and sensations. When we talk about smell, we often mention memories linked to a person or a place. In the case of LES EAUX DE CHANEL, these memories are destinations that had an influence on Gabrielle Chanel, and which became elements of her style. She travelled to Venice just before creating N°5, and I think that obviously had an impact. She then returned to Paris. Paris is the filter through which we look at each of the other LES EAUX DE CHANEL destinations.
LES EAUX DE CHANEL fragrances have the same structure as an eau de Cologne, with a lot of head notes. In every CHANEL fragrance, there is a darker facet and a lighter, fresher facet. Freshness is part of the identity of the House fragrances, but until LES EAUX DE CHANEL were created, there wasn’t a collection to embody that. In the case of PARIS-PARIS, an addition was made to this fresh facet, due here to the Damascena rose, in the shape of more persistent raw materials to create a contrast. Patchouli heart, a fraction that captures key patchouli molecules while washing away all aspects that interfere with its purity, was chosen. The dry-woody facet is opulent without being rich or powdery.

Why was Paris chosen as the 6th destination of LES EAUX DE CHANEL?
LES EAUX DE CHANEL line was designed like a Cruise collection for fashion. The idea was to imagine olfactory correspondences between Paris and some of the cities that were the most emblematic for Gabrielle Chanel. In this collection, everything starts with Paris, and the six fragrances were all created there, to the point that Paris appears in the name of each interpretation in LES EAUX DE CHANEL collection. In the beginning, we did not know that this would lead us back to Paris with PARIS-PARIS.
The inspiration comes from the centre of Paris, the spontaneous elegance of Parisian women and moments from their daily lives, in bustling Paris. Rather than thinking about Paris as a destination, the thought crossed my mind that I had often heard people talking about Parisian women, with their naturally chic and elegant style. Although it is difficult to describe this rather singular style, each person intuitively knows what you mean when you evoke Parisian women. For PARIS-PARIS, we therefore needed to combine highly sophisticated raw materials, in this instance the Damascena rose, which is a complex flower, with patchouli and pink peppercorn, which are dry, spicy and more unpolished. In this way, the feminine side of elegant Parisian women is present, as is another more androgynous, almost masculine side, for a more relaxed facet.

Isn’t it difficult to create a fragrance inspired by such a symbolic place?
It is the first of LES EAUX DE CHANEL to draw inspiration not from a place, but from its inhabitants. I was born in Grasse but I have always lived in Paris. As a Perfumer-Creator, it isn’t the easiest thing to work on a fragrance inspired by your hometown and what it symbolizes. That’s probably why I was more inspired by Parisian women than by the destination and the place itself. Paris isn’t just a beautiful city, it’s a city that reinvents itself, that lives and changes. It is a city that is evolving, from the past and in the present.

What aspects of Gabrielle Chanel’s Paris are found in PARIS-PARIS?
With PARIS-PARIS, the idea was not to compare two different eras, the Paris of today and that of Gabrielle Chanel. Which reminds me of one of her most striking expressions: “Fashion becomes unfashionable. Style never.” There is something about Parisian style that goes beyond its era, and that is what I have tried to transcribe in this fragrance. Gabrielle’s intention to draw inspiration from the male wardrobe to create the silhouette of a simple but elegant woman, remains very contemporary, and the idea is also present in PARIS-PARIS.
Some of LES EAUX DE CHANEL destinations have become House inspirations and elements of style. We have returned to Paris, where Gabrielle Chanel built her world. Paris is obviously a very powerful part of the House identity. Mademoiselle Chanel was deeply Parisian, that followed her throughout her entire life. There is her life, and there is the House of CHANEL today. Both are in Paris.

Why did you choose the Damascena rose?
This eau is fresh like all the others, but it is probably the most floral. Choosing this rose was above all an olfactory choice. It is steam distilled and adds very fresh, lemony and spicy notes that make it very vibrant. The complex and fragile rose of PARIS-PARIS conveys urban sophistication.
Floral Damascena rose, combined with woody patchouli, reinforces the masculine-feminine aspect that is part elegance, part casualness. The rose essence has something zesty and sparkling to it that adds fluidity to the patchouli.
The floral notes are very important in the identity of CHANEL Fragrances. Many fragrances contain rose, it is true, but we have our signature. PARIS-PARIS seems simple and light, but the fragrance is in fact complex. I used a fragmented patchouli, which has been a very important note at CHANEL since COCO MADEMOISELLE. The fragmented patchouli that we use is unique and exclusive to CHANEL. Combined with the pink peppercorn in PARIS-PARIS, it has the particular characteristic of being highly effusive.

Is PARIS-PARIS aimed only at women?
Fragrance is a part of our identity, of what we reveal about our personality. It is a gesture for oneself, and also creates the impression we want to make on others.
Women have always worn what were recognized as “men’s” fragrances. In fact, every fragrance simultaneously contains both masculine and feminine aspects, and it is up to each person to choose what the fragrance represents for them, on a personal level. Some are more masculine, others more feminine. But that doesn’t mean they have to be worn by a man or by a woman. Rules change, PARIS-PARIS is very feminine but endeavours above all to make the emotions of the wearer resonate beyond gender.

Why did you choose the colour pink for PARIS-PARIS?
Because LES EAUX DE CHANEL fragrances have many similarities, it is important to cultivate their singularity, of which colour is a part and also conveys the continuity of their olfactory identity. PARIS-PARIS, like all of LES EAUX DE CHANEL, has its own colour. The pink shade expresses the extremely floral aspect of this fragrance. This light pastel tone, common to the entire collection, conveys the elegance and freshness of the fragrance.

Could you describe PARIS-PARIS for us in 3 words?
Freshness, elegance and fluidity.


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