& Other Stories | Co-lab with Sindiso Khumalo


& Other Stories | Co-lab with Sindiso Khumalo

& Other Stories launches co-lab with Sindiso Khumalo, the South African brand known for its colorful prints, sustainable fabrics and strong emphasis on African history.

& Other Stories launches co-lab with Sindiso Khumalo, the South African brand known for its colorful prints, sustainable fabrics and strong emphasis on African history.

Founded in 2015, the eponymous brand is bold and feminine and embodies the designer’s inherent optimism that celebrates the curves and different shapes of all women. Khumalo hand draws all fabrics with watercolors and abstract cutouts. Each of her collections highlights the designer’s African heritage and background with sustainability, craftsmanship and empowerment at the heart of the brand.

“As a designer with African roots, what really matters to me is designing clothing that can highlight my heritage and history, and bring it to light in a contemporary context. I like to represent cultural elements in fabrics that say who they are, becoming visual vignettes that frame the collection. The starting point for the co-lab was to work with materials from more sustainable sources. For me it is essential to create garments that last over time,” says Sindiso Khumalo.


For the co-lab, Sindiso Khumalo and & Other Stories have created a vibrant collection with many colors and prints that express the brand’s culture. The prints connect to South African landscapes: one depicts the Protea, a native South African plant, and another the Nguni cattle, widespread among the Nguni peoples of southern Africa. There is also a bright red colour, taken from the traditional Zulu Nkehli, which is adorned in the Zulu bride on her wedding day. The Cowrie shell, present in prints and accessories, represents prosperity, wealth and good fortune in African and Afro-Caribbean cultures.

The collection includes ready-to-wear garments, swimwear and accessories, made with materials such as organic cotton, recycled cotton, linen and recycled brass. The dresses feature a fitted bodice and flared skirt. Puffed shoulders, gathered hems and voluminous sleeves represent strong femininity. There is also a striped crotchet sleeveless top and matching shorts, a yellow ensemble, a printed midi skirt, a deep V-neck blouse, a one-piece swimsuit, and a jacket and shorts combo.

The silhouettes in the collection were inspired by vintage portraits of African women and the African diaspora from the 1800s. They embrace the feminine form but are also comfortable and functional. The collars are another element of Sindiso Khumalo: some embroidered, others with crochet patches and still others detachable to be worn over other garments. Black, white, red, yellow, blue and green make up a cheerful color palette. As for the accessories, a pareo, a raffia bag, earrings and necklaces complete the looks.


“Sindiso Khumalo represents the future of fashion: sustainability is at the heart of her creations, while creating modern, desirable and distinctive garments for women. The colors and prints are outstanding, and the silhouettes are also very accurate. We are very excited about collaborate with Sindiso Khumalo and to bring his vision of empowerment and craftsmanship to wardrobes around the world,” says Karolina Ekman, Co-Lab Manager of & Other Stories.

The Sindiso Khumalo co-lab collection will be available in select & Other Stories stores and on stories.com

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