Hermès at Watches & Wonders Geneva

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Hermès at Watches & Wonders Geneva

Artist Clément Vieille created the scenography to present this new creation. He immerses the visitor in the heart of Hermès time.

Can time be captured? Hermès does not try to control it, but rather tames it and plays with it. The Hermès H08 collection is an expression of time, whose unpredictable nature invites exploration and emotion: a material to be sculpted, with a finesse matched only by creativity. Between robust materials and singular shape effects, Hermès H08 combines textures and details, creating a rigorous and harmonious aesthetic.



Five new versions in desirable, bold colours bring a dynamic touch to the line. True to its sporty spirit, one of them features a single-pusher chronograph complication: beating at the heart of this watch is the manufacture Hermès H1837 mechanical self-winding movement coupled with a chronograph module. Through Hermès H08, time takes shape thanks to the artisan who finely carves the material to create a robust and assertive daily object.



Artist Clément Vieille created the scenography to present this new creation. He immerses the visitor in the heart of Hermès time. The viewer freely navigates between suspended sculptures that organise space and enow it with rhythm. Everything is animated; everything makes sense in relation to the other elements.

Passionate about new materials, Clément Vieille explores the properties of matter. The use of cutting-edge technology enables him to achieve unparalleled precision and accuracy in the design and production of new shapes and complex components that would be impossible to produce by hand. Like the Hermès designers and artisans, he explores composite materials and the most innovative forms: “tensegrity” structures held together only by the right spatial arrangement of elements in compression and tension, woven carbon fibre plates, mass-dyed materials… his sculptures explore all the potentialities of matter.

Through the multiple paths offered, the visitor is plunged into a precise and dreamlike mechanism evoking the heart of a mechanical watch. Within this powerful, airy and luminous world, time is the very material from which the forms emerge. Sculptures set among sculptures, the watches are suspended in space. The Hermès H08 chronograph thus celebrates the alliance of human craftmanship and the ingenuity of an artistic nature, capable of infinitely interpreting forms and textures. Within such a free space-time, everything is possible.


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