The Oberoi Beach Resort

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The Oberoi Beach Resort

Away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai, The Oberoi Beach Resort, Al Zorah, is the UAE's newest luxury destination.

Surrounded by white sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons and nestled in a protected forest of lush mangroves, this resort is in perfect harmony with nature. Oberoi Beach Resort, Al Zorah is home to exceptional biodiversity and nearly 100 bird species.

The Oberoi Beach Resort, Al Zorah was designed by Italian architect and designer Piero Lissoni. This masterpiece of modern architecture is the ideal destination for a beach holiday with an atmosphere of spiritual retreat. Piero Lissoni has combined tradition and innovation, using an original language and an elementary, pure and poetic architectural form, inspired by a modern approach to oriental design. As imagined, the project appears simple but is actually complex. Each element has been studied in detail to be sustainable and respectful of the natural environment. Piero Lissoni was inspired by the unique atmosphere of this magical place.

The design is elegant while retaining a deep feeling for the natural beauty of the area and capturing the scents of the Arabian Gulf mixed with those of a tropical mangrove forest. The interior design is characterized by simplicity and many open spaces. The use of large transparent openings and geometric wooden partitions allows the eye to travel freely towards the horizon. In true Italian style, the modern architecture blends multiple influences such as the scents of the Orient, the flavors of India and the spices of the West, Africa and China. As architect and designer, Piero Lissoni has personally chosen all the objects, carpets, photographs and sofas to create a symbiosis between the rooms and the surrounding landscape.

Piero Lissoni has a predilection for hybridization, the perfection of the imperfect and the improbable combinations of textures and colours. He calls this the “true sense of alchemy”, as many things seem to happen somewhat by chance. The hotel was designed in pure white, with pops of red, teal, and chartreuse green. Patterned tiles in the bedrooms and dining rooms add a playful touch to the elegant design.

The complex is divided into three white platforms that run parallel to the ocean. Each building has been carefully positioned according to its intended use. The platforms rise right up to the ocean’s edge and ensure breathtaking views from all areas of the resort. The main hotel consists of a series of separate buildings linked by walkways, with shallow water pools extending into the internal courtyard which also houses the main restaurant. An external cladding in wood panels completes the internal wooden furnishings and creates an enchanting play of light and shadow as the sun goes down, while simple and pure concrete volumes emerge from the facade in a continuous movement. The villas at Oberoi Beach Resort, Al Zorah are a key element of the resort structure and have been designed to blend seamlessly with the overall aesthetic. The three-bedroom villas are made up of interconnected buildings clad in immaculate white stucco, and feature a combination of sheltered terraces and large openings to the ocean, all with spectacular views. The two-bedroom villas are formed by deep cantilevered slabs that float above the ground floor to create a series of shaded indoor and outdoor living spaces. Elegant sliding wooden panels form a delicate separation between the internal and external gardens.

The Oberoi Spa was designed as an element of surprise, a private and secluded world waiting to be discovered. Inspired by the layout of an ancient medina, it is made up of several small buildings close together, each offering a specific treatment. Elegant outdoor walkways and double-height surrounding volumes add an emblematic transparency and lightness. The overall atmosphere is inspired by a contemporary approach to traditional oriental architecture. ‘ambiance générale s’inspire d’une approach contemporaine de l’architecture orientale traditionnelle.

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