The MEC Restaurant wins the Michelin Star

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The MEC Restaurant wins the Michelin Star

In Palermo, Giuseppe Forello's restaurant-museum is led in the kitchen by chef Carmelo Trentacosti wins the prestigious award assigned by the most coveted red guide in the food and wine sector

The MEC restaurant in Palermo wins the Michelin Star. This is the first for the restaurant in Corso Vittorio Emanuele by the architect and entrepreneur Giuseppe Forello and led in the kitchen by chef Carmelo Trentacosti, who will celebrate three years of opening in January. A coveted goal for a while and a dream for Trentacosti and his brigade that found its realization and formalization during the presentation ceremony of the 68th edition of the best known and most coveted French red guide in the food and wine sector. The stubbornness, constancy and skills of Trentacosti which celebrates the flavors, colors and scents of Sicily with its dishes, combined with the quality of the service, the particularity and beauty of the restaurant-museum location and all the other evaluation parameters of the Michelin inspectors, ensured that the restaurant-museum entered by right in this edition of the Michelin Guide Italy 2023.

“The path undertaken almost three years ago together with Carmelo, working in total synergy, and which was initially born as a bet, today more than ever is the confirmation that it was the right one – says Giuseppe Forello, founder of Mec – We are extremely proud and satisfied with the goal achieved because this was what we had set ourselves from the beginning: aiming for the excellence of catering in the shortest possible period of time and this was possible thanks to the extraordinary work done by Carmelo and the whole squad “.

A result pursued for years by the executive chef Trentacosti, awarded for the innovative research of his cuisine, his skills and the originality of his dishes: “Three years of great work in splendid harmony – declares the chef from Palermo – I thank Giuseppe for having invested on me and in this new project, giving me full confidence. A further thank you I owe to all my team, by my side every day. It seems obvious to me that I am immensely happy. It is the dream of life. In the long run, commitment, passion and perseverance in work always pay off “.



With extensive experience behind him in various luxury restaurants throughout Italy, Trentacosti in its dishes revisits tradition in a modern way, giving it a new identity: like its Risotto with plankton, raw milk goat cheese, sea urchins and verdello mandarin , included this year in the eleventh edition of the Gallo Guide, dedicated to Risottos from the best restaurants in the world.


This summer, the MEC restaurant was included in the 2022 Michelin Guide in the online section dedicated to recommended restaurants. Inserted as ‘News’ and available on the Michelin Guide website and on the app, the well-known restaurant-museum has in fact won the most prestigious culinary guide in the world for “The renewed high-tech setting of Palazzo Castrone, the subtle but never exaggerated flavors of executive chef Carmelo Trentacosti, the refinement of his dishes and the modern imprint ”as we read on the web page.

The restaurant-museum, after having opened in January 2020 and closed immediately after due to the pandemic, now enters the firmament of the Michelin Guide Italy 2023, enriching the varied Italian panorama of haute cuisine.

In the heart of the historic center of Palermo, almost in front of the cathedral, now a new star shines.

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