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The theme of ISSEY MIYAKE's AUTUMN WINTER 2022/23 season is Sow It and Let It Grow.

The theme of ISSEY MIYAKE’s AUTUMN WINTER 2022/23 season is Sow It and Let It Grow.

The collection is inspired by the wild nature of plants and the beauty of their forms, exploring the growth of a seed that blooms and develops in the roots and buds, emerging from the earth to go towards the light. The result is a design that expresses itself in irregular shapes, bright and bold use of color, and a variety of textures in the fabrics.

RHIZOME is a seamless knit that encapsulates the theme of the collection, inspired by the way roots and shoots stretch and grow freely in every direction. Garments knitted with a wool yarn have a light and airy finish. The design includes various openings and lends itself to being interpreted and worn in various ways. Root-like parts hang loosely from the garments and can be rolled around the waist or neck to create different styles.

The video and images are the work of the artist, photographer and film maker Marcus Tomlinson, based in London.

“Rhizome” is a wonderful idea for a collection, so when ISSEY MIYAKE sought me out to create the campaign it was really emotional. I wanted to make a video that enhanced the fabrics using contemporary dancers. We have developed a story that opens with a choral image of sleeping dancers. In the next scene, waking up they scatter and run into the forest until there is only a single Rhizome of a bright color left. This one too wakes up and discovering that he was left alone, he starts calling the others because to exist she needs them, in order to be a complete Rhizome. Concept by Mr. Marcus Tomlinson



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