Beach Take-over forte_forte loves Acqua di Parma

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Beach Take-over forte_forte loves Acqua di Parma

Acqua di Parma and forte_forte dress the Bocelli family's bathhouse on the Forte dei Marmi beach, with the forte_forte loves Acqua di Parma capsule collection

Acqua di Parma and forte_forte together to bring the forte_forte loves Acqua di Parma collection to life in Forte dei Marmi, in the elegant Alpemare bathroom of the Bocelli family.

An all-Italian love story that arises from the encounter between the Maison symbol of the most refined Italian style and the fashion house with a dreamlike charm, made of timeless clothes that thrive on emotions. A common passion for the craftsmanship and culture of Made in Italy, for the atmospheres of Italian landscapes, for a pure and spontaneous beauty that smells of rebirth and gives a vibrant vitality to the beach of Alpemare, among the pearls of Versilia.

In a place full of charm such as Forte dei Marmi, the historic Bagno Alpemare has hosted artists, poets and actors from all over Europe since the last century. Today it belongs to the Bocelli family, who have managed to preserve its legendary charm, transforming it into an oasis of wonder with timeless elegance.

The joyful atmosphere of the Italian Mediterranean, the protagonist of forte_forte loves Acqua di Parma, is perceived naturally and spontaneously in this refined setting.

The delicate flight of butterflies and dragonflies that characterizes the collection rests on the beach towels and soft cushions that decorate the sophisticated beach tents, giving Alpemare guests a magical experience.

The precious and dreamy design created by forte_forte for Acqua di Parma returns in the scented candles scattered in the relaxation areas, in the garden and in the exclusive Alpemare restaurant. All around the luminous notes of Panarea Myrtle spread, in an exciting sensation of awakening and harmony.

“We are happy to personalize together with forte_forte a fascinating place like Bagno Alpemare in Forte dei Marmi, where thanks to the Bocelli family we cultivate that Italian art of living that has always been part of us. Among the most beautiful features of Versilia, it is the perfect setting for the forte_forte loves Acqua di Parma collection, created to express the joy of a rediscovered freedom, a rebirth in contact with the nature of the Italian Mediterranean. The dreamy and luminous design created for Acqua di Parma by Giada Forte enhances the vibrant notes of Mirto di Panarea, the Blu Mediterraneo fragrance at the center of this project that we hope will give Alpemare guests an even more enjoyable and exciting summer “, he declares Acqua di Parma

It is an immersion in a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors and freshly blossomed flowers, a delicate and dreamlike imagery that is reflected in the iridescent light of the sea water. The tones of the radiant Parma yellow alternate with the purple of the myrtle berries, the symbolic fruit of the Italian mediteranean, on a water green background with pearlescent reflections.

“It is a real joy for us to bring an exciting project like forte_forte loves Acqua di Parma to an exclusive and sophisticated location like Alpemare. A special place where art and nature intertwine and where you can breathe an intimate, authentic and Italian atmosphere, the same one that forte_forte shares with Acqua di Parma, together with the values ​​of craftsmanship and authentic beauty. Interpreting for the Maison a fragrance with bright and vibrant notes such as Mirto di Panarea was really exciting and now it is just as exciting to collaborate with the Bocelli family to be able to give a touch of magical light to this dream place “, says Giada Forte, Creative Director of forte_ forte and founder of the brand together with her brother Paolo.

The wonderful view of the Apuan Alps, the Mediterranean aromas of the pine forest in one of the most evocative stretches of the beach, together with the contemporary works of art that enrich the spaces, make Alpemare a true jewel of beauty and well-being. Here the same Andrea Bocelli, a great Italian tenor and singer famous all over the world, often performs in a concert or allows himself a precious moment of relaxation.

Each product has been studied in every single detail, which express the common passion for artisan traditions and the most precious Italian ingredients. A fragrant dream for an Italian holiday made of emotions

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