Pineider and cinema

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Pineider and cinema

The Florentine brand presents the collaboration with Pierfrancesco Favino

Pineider talks about its close relationship with cinema through an exclusive collaboration with Pierfrancesco Favino. The brand has always been inspired, and even more so in its latest creations, by the world of the seventh art, with cultural and stylistic references to cult films of the last decades. For example, it is necessary to remember, among these, the Avatar pens, La Grande Bellezza, Back to the Future and Full Metal Jacket. Cinema represents an opportunity to celebrate the past, present and future through creativity and storytelling. The bond between Pineider and Pierfrancesco Favino expresses the strength of this story and builds new symbols.

Pierfrancesco Favino is a great lover of writing and its instruments. The collection of notes and thoughts, expressed by his passion for handwriting and the use of notebooks, allowed him to make them objects of work and study. Memories and indelible emotions.

Pierfrancesco Favino’s participation and involvement in the great tradition of Pineider for writing instruments will take place through brand content available on the social networks of the brand and the artist who will also attend events in Italian Pineider stores.

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