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CHANEL Fine Watchmaking is an expressive field where audacity, femininity and creative freedom are the key words.

From the Creative Studio on place Vendôme to the workshops of the Manufacture in Switzerland, discover the exceptional creativity, virtuosity and savoir-faire of CHANEL Fine Watchmaking.

I bear witness to the passing of time, but I only remember each moment.
I am a dream that is fulfilled in Paris in the Creative Studio in the Place Vendôme and in
CHANEL’s Manufacture in Switzerland.
I am the creative force driven by Arnaud Chastaingt; the universe of Gabrielle Chanel is my
playground, an infinite source of inspiration.
I am the allure of time, adorning the wrists of women, a symbol of liberty.
I am a movement dedicated to beauty: a complication that knows how to remain simple,
a weightless flying tourbillon, a mechanical lace with nothing to hide.
I am the guardian of a precious time captured in ceramic or diamond, stripped back to
absolute transparence in crystal sapphire or enshrouded in beige gold.
I am a mystery born out of virtuoso skills; a secret in which stone setting, engraving, gold
chasing, marquetry and embroidery are transformed into little moments of eternity.
I am an object, a bracelet, a cuff, a long necklace, a ring which tells the time.
I am the expression of audacious and free creativity.
I am Haute Horlogerie by CHANEL.



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