Philipp Plein launches the first collection exclusively in the Metaverse

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Philipp Plein launches the first collection exclusively in the Metaverse

This adventure in the Metaverse is in line with Philipp Plein's continued dedication to fashion innovation

Iconic designer Philipp Plein marks Milan fashion week by launching the first fashion collection created exclusively in the Metaverse. In the wake of his $ 1.4 million acquisition of Decentraland’s Plein Plaza, a prime neighborhood covering 65 lots of Decentraland, the fashion entrepreneur unveils the first phase of development of the Plein Plaza (a 120-meter-tall virtual skyscraper) . The first area that is inaugurated today in the building is the M.o.N.A. (NFT ART MUSEUM) founded by Philipp Plein

To inaugurate the initiative, a cutting-edge humanoid robot called Romeo 0.1 (the first ever built of only three ‘examples’ in the world) will kick off the first Plein Sport show and will present the brand new collection of Plein Sport sneakers created in Metaverse. This launch will feature exclusive luxury drops on NFT Auction House, Portion, digital wearables designed by the Crypto Kings, as well as exclusive experiences and rewards for collectors. This first art / fashion vernissage will feature a combination of physical and digital objects, will be powered by Portion and will take place at the M.o.N.A. in the Metaverse.

The vernissage will be combined with a buy-as-you-see digital event in which every collector will be able to purchase an unprecedented combination in advance: a unique NFT along with a pair of physical sneakers. Buyers can then choose to keep the NFT or “burn” it in digitally wearable shoes that can be sported by their avatars in the Metaverse in Decentraland. All in a truly innovative and osmotic intertwining of physical and digital fashion.

This adventure in the Metaverse is in line with Philipp Plein’s continued dedication to fashion innovation. A coherent model of strong connection between fashion and digital that is reflected in different aspects of Philipp Plein’s business and creativity. In 2021, the company became the first major fashion group to open up to cryptocurrencies, accepting more than 20 different coin types both in its brick-and-mortar stores and on its online platform. This platform in particular, in relation to the size of Philipp Plein’s business, is one of the best performing e-commerce systems developed and managed directly in the luxury sector.

The Plein Sport project represents the pinnacle of this brand digitization process that the Philipp Plein Group has been boldly pursuing for many years. In Philipp Plein’s vision, Plein Sport is the brand of the future in which physical and digital experience are combined and merged into an inseparable whole with the aim of creating the most advanced technological brand in the luxury sector.

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