Fondazione Prada: The Children’s Academy

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Fondazione Prada: The Children’s Academy

On January 15 the activity of the Children's Academy resumes with the workshop "The poet and other village animals" conceived by the poet and writer Franco Arminio.

As Arminio argues, “Nobody knows what the poet does inside the world. He doesn’t know it first and that’s why he writes, to find out. ” In this new laboratory, his suggestions and his language guide children in the exploration of poetry. Acting and playing, the author finds in children a valid help to continue his adventures in a magical country, where together they build roads, meet a goat or a donkey, hear a sparrow chirp that can get caught in a spider’s web and chase the last hen left in the area.


The Children’s Academy is a project conceived in 2015 by the neuropedologist Giannetta Ottilia Latis. Since September 2019 the program has been managed by the pediatrician and neonatologist Gabriele Ferraris. The Academy offers multidisciplinary activities conducted by different “masters” from time to time: architects, pedagogues, artists, scientists, directors and musicians eager not only to teach, but also to acquire new stimuli through an experience of play, creativity and learning .

The activities, dedicated to children of different ages and their parents, are free upon reservation and take place every Saturday and Sunday in a multifunctional space of the Foundation.

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