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Piaget Extraordinarylights

Piaget gathers her guests under the stars, leading them to contemplate the pleasure and dynamism of light in its myriad of forms.

After the launch of the extraordinary lights collection, Piaget continues to explore “the brighter face of life”, unveiling three new fine jewelery sets that reach new heights, capturing light in every nuance with ingenious creativity and unique color contrasts.

Among the varieties of gems, tourmaline has one of the widest range of colors, with multiple shades of practically every shade. The unparalleled combination of hue and saturation of green is a particularly appreciated element. The cut requires great attention, to fully enhance both the beauty and the depth of the color. The peculiarities of these stones and their imposing size require nature and human beings to work hand in hand, making the entire range of tourmalines used in Glowing Lanterns jewels truly unique. The heart of the necklace is a 35.64-carat cushion-cut gemstone, while tourmalines are also present in the ring, as a central cushion-cut stone, surrounded by suggestive baguette cuts. The earrings also feature two cushion cuts, while the marquise, baguette and brilliant-cut white diamonds are expertly blended with yellow diamonds.

However, the inherent success of the design of Glowing Lanterns is to be found in the unique combination of tourmaline with a second green gem, used in a masterly way, with a refined blend of different shades and opacities. In perfect contrast to the clear and decisive facets of the transparent tourmalines, there are the soft and translucent pearls of chrysoprase, a chalcedony that presents suggestive apple green shades.

The stones selected by the Maison are renowned for the color and cut that distinguish them, and the series of Zambian emeralds present in the Voluptuous Borealis jewels, required more than two years of research and creation of a homogeneous whole. The most demanding challenge was the magnificent teardrop gem of the necklace, a very pure stone with the iconic bluish-green color of this famous Colombian material. With its 10.29 carats, this imposing marvel is set in a dynamic and decentralized position, which is also found in the earrings, ear cuffs and wristwatch of the set; the central stone of the asymmetrical ring is an emerald of similar quality and of 5.31 carats.

In the hands of Piaget’s master craftsmen, these colorful gems are transformed into the center of magnificent luminous swirls, created with a mix of baguette and brilliant-cut diamonds set. The particularly bright effects of the “halos of light” are obtained by cutting each individual gem to size, to perfectly adapt its position within the creation. A special type of openwork setting further accentuates the effect, optimizing the amount of light that passes through the jewel and diffusing luminous reflections with every movement.

Perfectly gradual shading effects and shades of blue are created using sapphires: almost as if painted by an artist, the stones shine like signatures in this sparkling jewelery set. To find a selection of pure blue crystals, with three different shades of color, perfect hue and marked saturation, it took more than a year of meticulous work and gemological skills. Combined with marquise cuts and unusual triangle cuts, the union of these gems becomes a unique expression of cosmic glamor. An example of this is the Celestial Ballet ring which, like a comet, has a surprising design, designed to be worn sideways, from east to west, artistically covering two fingers with its seductive line. The gems, set with a gradual series of sapphires and diamonds, extend behind the 2.71-carat central Sri Lankan stone, tracing a trail, like the flaming tail of a Lyris, a special shooting star. The Celestial Ballet collection, as a whole, seems to capture the multiple facets of the sky above, reflecting the roof of the world in all its splendor, a worthy ending to a night full of magic and pleasure.

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