Dior Maison Cruise 2022


Dior Maison Cruise 2022

A new line celebrating the spirit of the 2022 cruise...

Dior Maison Presents a New Line Celebrating the Spirit of the 2022 Cruise Collection An invitation to escape, a range of new Dior Maison creations in vibrant shades revisit the universe of the Dior Cruise 2022 show by Maria Grazia Chiuri. Embodying French excellence of savoir-faire, a series of sets featuring plates, mugs and a tray are adorned with motifs inspired by Greek mythology. Two salad bowls – in a choice of blue or red – complete this delicate earthenware service. Symbols of the art of living dear to Monsieur Dior, the glasses are made of Murano glass using the ancestral mouth-blowing technique, while the linen placemats are meticulously hand-embroidered. Objects of desire that evoke sunny getaways.


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